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OCR01266 - Street Fighter II "The Ken Song"


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Before I read the lyrics, I assumed the singer was saying "Takes nothing to realize you're Ken". I mused on that for a bit, and soon the song gained a rather profound meaning. It was no longer pulling me into Ken's esoteric battle, it was showing me how my trials, while entirely my own, were only superficially different from the subject's. It was as if the song was actually a metaphor for the universality of the human struggle.

Then I read the lyrics. And I lol'ed.

That's one thing cleared with jd. It's meant to be "realise you're Ken." Just a little bit of poor grammar entering the lyrics. ;)

May we continue to realize our Ken regardless. And twice on weekends.

This song is iconic. If you have a playlist, let alone a computer, that this isn't on, then you are wrong. It's one solid rock track, and no matter how you hear the lyrics the whole thing is f-ing awesome.

So... how's that Ryu Song coming along, eh jd?

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Hi guys. Joe Darwish here. I am the Creator of the The Ken Song...

after so many years the ken song still lives on ! never thought it would have this kind of reaction. thanks for listening...

if you care to listen to some of my other stuff you can go to....



become a fan on facebook !


Thanks Guys


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That guitar! Damn, that guitar sounds so crisp and high quality, it's fantastic! I can actually hear the whole Top 40 thing and it really works with this. The lyrics are good and fit the character. Nothing against any other ReMix on the site, cause there are a lot that sound like this, but this one in particular just has that professional radio sound and you can almost picture being played for no reason other than it was good. Absolutely one of the best ReMixes of Ken's theme. Can you say I've enjoyed this? Shoryuken!

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