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OCR01266 - Street Fighter II "The Ken Song"

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i have been burnt a few times with record/publishing labels... its hard to find someone that is willing to help me out in the record industry rather than burn me. perhaps i need to move to germany and away from australia. it seems as though all the sharks are in australia.

I feel yo pain brotha. :( Winnipeg, Canada has got some good and bad studios. The good places are expensive while the better-costing/cheaper-priced studios just rip you off with crappy vocal production and mediocre instruments.

Thanks for clearing things up regarding the lyrics BTW. 8)

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One of the best vocal mixes on the site. Im still surprised its as good as it is, simply because of my disdain of vocal tracks to vg music.

The song overall stays moderately in place, it would have been nice to have something a bit more extroverted such as a stronger solo or an incredibly over the top build up at the end.

Its still a special song for what it is though.

Great work.

Next its chunli's theme! :P

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Man... this piece is awesome.. and you're from Brisbane too! I've heard some other local bands around here and you would kick their assess right off stage. A mate of mine is also a singer/songwriter and is trying to get into the scene too, he's been in a few comps and performances at some hotels, it's a shame cos most establishments just want bands to play covers. Even so, with this talent it's a travesty that jackers like those on Australian Idol get record contracts and you're finding it difficult. Perhaps if you found a good agent it would give you an opening.

As for the song, well.. the rave reviews on this site speak for themselves, I can't add much more but to say this just rocks! Imaginative lyrics and kick-ass guitar, go Ken!

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The Ken Song is probably the ultimate in Street Fighter music. I am a big fan of Ken's theme and this does it justice!!

Like many other people, I strongly advise that, for those who haven't done so already, download this track!!

Worth visiting the site for alone. 10/10

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I have seriously looped this track about 20 times and still going. What an awesome track!

While not similar at all, the only other remix I've liked as much was Mega_Man_2_Chillout_OC_ReMix.mp3, and this rocks a heck of a lot harder.

Incredible job jdproject, this is like a different universe from almost every vocal mix ever. Truly magnificent 8O

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Put it this way, its good enough to deserve a spot in the CD player at work. I'm not typically picky when it comes to material I find on OCRemix, overall I enjoy 99.9% of it. But its just that.

You download something new, tap to it for a few minutes and say to yourself.. "hm.. this is cool." and the majority of things here are like that, which is good. But then, you have things like the "Ken Song" which are like... How would I describe it. The Ken Song is like that last night stand you wish you never dumped on the corner of South 2nd and Rivet because she was so good.

Well, bad example but you get what I mean. REALLY phenominal stuff here. Great lyrics even though they're cheesy, Really neat vocals. You have to be a little imaginative to think "Johnny Rzeznik" but it does have that type of mystique to it. The guitars don't overkill the vocals either and everything meshes together like gears in a windmill on a comfortable summer day in the middle of... nevermind. And the bass? Really good!

Well, time for work. IE - Ken Song.

Imagine The Ken Song playing from over the counter at a local Domino's Pizza shop. On repeat.

All night long. ^_^

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Goddam.. three thumbs up, go Australia!

Seriously, Ken's song is supposed to be untouchable. It's one of very few in any vg for which any remake or remix is not supposed to live up to the original. It's baffling how you dared to tackle it, and end up winning?! Very rare.. my hat is off to you.

The other untouchable song in the game (yeh, SF2 has more than one) is Balrog.. but I'm not saying that lyrics will suit it. Do you dare to take the red pill for a second time, JD? :wink:

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Ok, this is my first post on these boards, but I have been listening to the remixes on this site for years.

All I have to say about this song is perfect! As a rule I don't like remixed game music with lyrics, I've always found them done way to cheesy or found them uninspiring (although I did keep a few songs because I found them cute or funny). jdproject changed all that, and then some. I wouldn't be surprised to hear this song on the radio.

Not only are the words not overly cheesy, they work! Also, the voice effects used give the song a much more modern and profesional feel. Only a true Street Fighter 2 fan would know this is game music.

Now I've always pictured Ken a metal kind of guy and his music would have hardcore crunching guitars with drums from hell. In that aspect jdproject impresses me again because he has a very alteritive feel and it fuggin' works! AND the drums sound awsome!! (Sorry, I'm a drummer, so I'm naturally picky on drums)

Awsome job jdproject! I look forward to hearing more from you!

- Jubei

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First off I wanna say, that the instrumental sound of this mix is nothing short of excellent.

The first time I listened to this song, I was thinking "These lyrics are pretty cheesy, but then I remember throught all the anime and cartoons and think..."Ken was a cheesy sort of guy." And after multiple times of listening to this, they fit, and it doesn't bother me anymore.

Other than this I havent seen anything else from you. (at least I haven't physically found it) even on VGmix.com

From what this song sounds like, Street Fighter has to be one of your top favorite series....and I would suggest you make a series (possibly even an album) of ocremixes for each of the world warriors. But then again, thats only a suggestion.

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