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'Pixel Perfect EP' by halc (free music!)


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hey everyone! i’m very proud to finally present my first original album, Pixel Perfect EP! it is a short album featuring 5 original tracks (in my signature ‘9bit’ style you've probably come to expect from my remixes), written over the course of 2010. it's not long (just over 13 minutes in total); i'm not as affluent with original music, but i worked hard on these and am quite happy with the final product. :]

the album is available for free on bandcamp (name-your-price; enter 0 for free download!), but all support is greatly appreciated! please like it, tweet it, pimp it, whatever you do.. and most of all, enjoy it! i hope to bring you guys something a little more 'substantial' in 2011. :P

special thanks to the very sexy and talented ProtoDome for all the fantastic artwork!! <3

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Bought at instant.

I was really in need of music for listening at work, and halc's work are perfect for this.

And yes, really liking the cover art too.

I thank you for this nice piece of ambient chippyness.

Keep up the good work!

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