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Remixing guide needs YOU!


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update: WE'RE BACK! By which I mean I'm still here, and the guide is updated. Apparently, we skipped version 11, too. 

Here's the file, v12, and it's now a fancy shmancy pdf.

Read the guide, give me feedback. That's the deal.

I've written a remixing guide, and need some help to make sure I'm not just making stuff up, that it's intelligible, accurate, and useful, and covers all the basics and then some. Wanna help? Read it and let me know what you think. Questions, direct feedback, complaints, job offers, money: I'm probably best reached by posts in this thread, and also via PM here on ocr.

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updated the edit message: v12, not v10!
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Gar23, Kuolema, Dissidia, Chern... AIM. I want to consolidate communication, and I hate having to upload every new update to it when I could just send you the most recent version over AIM. Until it's done, I'm gonna be a jerk and require that ppl use AIM to get it.

It's my guide, I can be a jerk if I want to. :P

Just do what Gario did and get AIM. :D

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Gario's right. I keep improving on it, and would kind'a hate to have to keep something like this updated while it's in wip status.

Also ppl, would you mind hitting me up on aim when I'm actually there? Now that it's weekend, try logging in earlier/later than usual, see if I'm there. It's kind'a fun to see a lot of messages when I wake up, but it'd be more fun if ppl where actually still there then.

Furthermore, my status is usually red/busy, but for kind'a important stuff like this, hit me up anyway. :)

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I've written a guide to remixing and need some ppl who don't really know what they're doing to tell me whether or not it's helpful and makes sense and stuff. :P Contact me by AIM for a copy. (sn: rozovian)

(it's ok to learn stuff from reading it, it's... kind'a supposed to)

I'll take a copy. :3

I'm totally a noob and am always open to learning

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Thanks Electro.

Aside from the update issue Gario already pointed out, I prefer to get ppl to read it and comment on it right away so ppl don't forget to. It's not a charity, it's an exchange. Early copy of the guide (albeit unfinished) and credit in the guide - in exchange for feedback on it. Also, I'm trying to consolidate communication to aim and my gmail instead of having some ppl contact me on facebook, some by pm here, some by pm on kngi, some by aim, some by msn, some hotmail, etc.. This stuff is aim only.

Until the guide is done, I mean. Then it's free for everyone, and will be posted somewhere here on ocr. So far, ppl like it. They say it's good. Some of them might be lying, but not all of them.

So if you want it, hit me up when I'm online and ask for it. If I'm afk or doing something in fullscreen, leave aim open and I'll send it later.

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