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PS3 could be banned in US?


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Yeah, I have some doubts about that happening. At worst, Sony will settle in-court with a fuckton of money and carry on as usual. They got a new portable coming and strong sales continuing to this day.

Most likely, Sony will use it large team of lawyers to figure out a way out of it, and then stall like a son of a bitch.

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and its never going to happen, kind of like a few years back when Nintendo tried to get everyone else for using an analog stick in their controllers. or something like that.

Amusing tho.

I think you're referring to the person who tried to sue nintendo. If memory serves, they actually won.

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Funny how worked up you all are getting over this. These pathetic plays for money occur all the time (where was LG when the PS3 first came out. HELLO 5 YEARS AGO). DOOM! GLOOM!

I chalk it up to videogame journalist sensationalism. Guess it was a slow news week over at IGN.

Also: image macro replies and general fanboy troll posts? There was a time on OCR when this was unacceptable.

Also: No I'm not 'mad'. Just upset.


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stop using the word 'troll'

I'm definitely with you on this one

there are practically no trolls on ocr boards, and when they do appear they are swiftly banned because trolling isn't really tolerated

what we do have here on ocr boards are a bunch of disillusioned assholes who take pleasure in publicly shaming people for insignificant mistakes

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