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Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim


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Game of the year.

lol well that's a unique use. But hey pots won't be everywhere.

I spent an unnecessary amount of today watching IGN AND 1UP stream the game [nonstory spoilers though :/] It was pretty cool. I still can't visualize for myself how major all the changes from the previous ones are. I saw a lot of great bow and arrow action, best use of sneak for battle I've ever seen. I always just ignored bows unless I was feeling lazy, but it almost looks usable here.

Not happy about seeing that I'll probably be forced into sticking to a certain set of skills because even though you can do everything like in the old games, I kept hearing about a soft level cap at level 50 and a hard level cap at level 70. So sounds like no maxing everything...

Everyone did seem to be used to dragon battles by the point they were showing off. Actually giants were more feared...

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I ALMOST went with Argonian, but after playing around with character creation I was pretty happy with a Nord character.

Also, I feel like leveling is pretty damn fast, at least early on. I did one side quest and raided a small mine and I'm almost level 5. Not that this is a bad thing. The perk system seems pretty awesome, and combat feels better than Oblivion. Still kinda awkward, but fun nonetheless.

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I'm going Imperial this time, I feel next time I will be non-Argonian and side with the rebels....

The great thing about Argonian -- FISHING with unlimited breath! I've caught so many fish. There's a lot of them.

Man, I feel like I spent most of the last 4 hours just walking, and probably at least an hours worth re-walking to places because I didn't save. Once the game "closed out randomly", and once I got pwned by a Wispmother in 1 hit and was like "wut".

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I probably need to go anything-but-Argonian, since I put in well over 100 hours in Oblivion on my Argonian serial killer character.

Never even started the main quest, instead pursuing the Dark Brotherhood and Shivering Isles questlines, and then ultimately becoming the "Mad Bomber" on my own unofficial quest to assassinate the nobility.


Mods make Elder Scrolls so great. :D

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