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Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim


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Hey overflow, what game is this you linked?? It looks awesome like a Cynic album cover


That's from a game for the GameCube called Baten Kaitos. It's a pretty cool RPG with some great visuals, although it has a slow start.

Also here's a few pics I took in Skyrim


Now THAT is what I'm talking about! I didn't see anything like this (or really much like any of those other pics) in any of the reviews I've seen for the game.

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lower range quadcore, 6 gb ram, gefore gt 230 (qualifies as not-so-good).

you can get it to 30 frames and have it look decent.

i've often thought about upgrading my gfx card to 'match' my overall specs, but i think playing this game with 7/10 graphics instead of 8/10 won't spoil any of the fun.

the most important thing is...you want to see those mountains meshing into the horizon. lowering the max viewing distance is going to make exploration less fun. thankfully i didn't need to :)

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lol... I've also had the game since 12am Friday, but I have only played 4 hours. I call it discipline - was working on finishing a sample pack from my latest field recording expedition :)

As for my rig, Skyrim was auto-set to run on High graphics settings on my iMac (Windows 7 bootcamp), but I set the graphics down to Medium for brilliant smoother play (although it was quite capable to handle high). Below are my compy's stats:

iMac 3.2ghz intel core i3, 12GB RAM, Radeon HD 5670 512MB graphics

And fyi, from all of those comments saying the game is too grey or dull or graphics suck or game play sucks or whatever, I really have no idea what you're talking about. I can't say anything bad about this game other than the fact that it does not slow down time allowing me to play it more without the repercussions of stopping all music productivity and other productive things.

-----------> Plus, there's dragons and shit. <------------

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What difficulty are you playing at? I switched to Expert right at the start and find it fairly challenging, closer to Oblivion with OOO installed. I'm level 21 and things like bears will still fuck me up, although I'm playing a mage/warrior hybrid type and don't really excel in either yet. Had a dark elf companion from Dawnstar for a while who was pretty helpful, but he just got killed in a bandit ambush.

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Hah, some wench in an Inn asked to pick up the armor I dropped and I was like sure, go ahead... then I locked the door so she couldn't get in, because it was in Delphine's basement. And once I threw a bunch of stuff onto the street that I didn't need and a nearby Argonian in a tent was like "Y U THROW GARBAGE EVERYWHERE?"

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