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Team Gato 2.0


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I saw no discussion on this here (TRAVESTY) and so decided to make a post about it myself.

Short explanation: Team Gato was original released ten years ago (!) this past Monday, and so Mustin and Dale North teamed up to do an anniversary sequel release, going so far as to use much of the original mic setup and crowd SFX even. A more detailed explanation is available at Dale's Tumblr.


It's pretty brilliant IMO, but what else would you expect? It's Team Gato, mang.

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Some things such as the electro-dancehall-UK Gato rap with the excessive delay cracked me the fuck up. However, not even half of the effort was put into this song. Is it a rough draft?

In the former Gato song, it was simple: a skit with four acts that got booed off. This has some intro with a burger shop run by the Mario Bros, followed by a random phone call to a talent exhibit. The songs sound too rough. On top of that, the mic frequencies are too soupy. I prefer the first.

Edit: needs more Justin Bieber mockery :P

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