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League of Legends: I finally updated the player list in the OP!


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Brad and I tried a Leona + Blitzcrank lane, which was hilarious -- permanent stunning. If you got caught once, you died, period.

we were terrible before level 3, but that's when blitz gets his speed, and leona gets a permanent +100 to resists, which immediately makes it a much better combo.

also, ad blitz in general is broken on this game mode. we had a riven that was 13-0 on the other team by 10 minutes, with 400ad at that point. i was doing ok, but nothing could stand up to her. she could towerdive with impunity because she had so much lifesteal. so i built a frozen fist and a ravenous hydra...and 1v1'd her six straight times, and beat her six straight times. while it was entertaining watching both of our health bars jumping up and down because of lifesteal, i could lock her down, silence her, and hit her with a sheen'd uppercut (i had one crit for 1105 damage or something). she couldn't get away, she couldn't do anything. it was awesome. i finished that game with 3k HP, 150s resists, and 300ad/40ap. since his ult's up so often, i can silence someone for 1.5s out of 6, knock them up for 1.5s out of 2, and grab someone once every four seconds. at one point i killed riven when she had a ga and warmogs and all that damage, and didn't even go past half hp.

really, really fun =) too bad they took away my sona. i had a game right after that where we got steamrolled by a blitz/tryn combo (surprisingly effective) that fed off my akali lane-artner for six kills before turning their attentions to me, though, so it's not like he's an instant winner like sona was.

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have you tried one of the champs that does that kind of stuff?

complaining because you're playing a shitty champion in that mode is like complaining that a particular champ is OP but not playing that champ. if they're broken, play them. prove to the system that they're broken, until they fix it. if you're not willing to be part of the solution, go play something else =)

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Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash-> Wall someone TRYING to do something-> Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Ult cause you're bored->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash->Slash ->Dash-> etc.

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After talking to jeff about his "League Vacation" I decided to take one myself at least for ranked play, ESPECIALLY SOLO QUE!! The stress of worring if your teammates are going to screw up and ruin the whole game is too much and not worth it. The game is no longer fun at that point. I'll be on from time to time to do ranked for the team and maybe arams but i'm not doing anything serious on the side.

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...but I'll still play! :?

I understand solo queue frustration. Bad players tend to have more of an impact on your game than good players. I totally understand where you guys are coming from and I respect your guys decisions. I hope you guys will still play with a full five man team :3.

I also guess this means that our OCR team needs new members.

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I totally understand why so many people are "taking a break from" (read as: quitting) League. Hell, I've all but quit myself. I try to play at least one game every few days in the hope that it'll be fun again, but since most of my IRL friends have quit League, solo queuing is, as it has always been, a mostly intolerable experience.

A popular streamer recently summed it up quite well:

It's the nature of being trapped in a game for at least 20 minutes in even the most toxic/one-sided/frustrating/angering/maddening situations. I just had a game where our toplaner lost lane by a landslide, blamed the rest of the team, abandoned his lane to the 6/0 Tryndamere he alone had fed, leaving him to free farm, complained about everyone else's "feeding", tried to surrender at 20, then immediately left the game when the vote failed 1 to 4.

I don't have to put up with that shit in any other game I enjoy, and it's gotten to the point where the game just doesn't feel worth it.

I would enjoy playing with the team as a full five man group, but the organizational and scheduling issues have resulted in that not really panning out.

In the 4 weeks I was active with the team, that was 8 scheduled practices, we got in maybe 2 full 5-man games? I think there were also 2 games we queued with 4. I think that was on 2 separate days. The 6 other times I logged on to play with OCR Heroes, fewer than 4 people on the team showed up in total, and it didn't seem worth it to play after waiting around 2 or 3 hours for people.

I've invested a fair amount into this game, and I don't regret it. When I was playing with friends almost every day, League was a blast. Now that time has past, I think it's time for me to call it quits as well.

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