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OCR02287 - Mario Golf 'Fore on the Floor'

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Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response everyone! More golfing puns please...

The write-ups do make me laugh as well, the judges have an uncanny knack of getting right to the crux of the remix. DJP's comments on the "unusual mix of old and new styles" I found particularly amusing, as it wasn't a stylistic choice at all, just a product of me not knowing any better! Glad it worked out anyway.

For those wondering about the bass, I think it's a mix of phasing, flanging and some tastefully and sparingly-applied glitch effects.

LuIzA, you got a link for your remix of this? I'd love to hear it!

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Sometimes just going old school electronica is the right move, and I think it was the right move with this song. Some of the bits of this ReMix reminded me of early N64 electronica-based soundttracks, and this seems to fit right in with vintage styles. Really, I do think the charm of this ReMix is the classic way that it's played, so well done on this Mario Golf mix. I'm would try and avoid ending this ReView with a golf pun, but that wouldn't be par for the course.......hehehe.

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