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[ALBUM RELEASE] Rockin' Sockin' Cinder Blockin' (A Concrete Man Remix EP)


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Also, best of luck with the Concrete man remix - considering it's popularity online, I'm surprised it wasn't remixed... it feels like making a Megaman II album without a Wily remix :roll:.

Well, it was on the track list initially. Then Danimal Cannon dropped it, and then I guess k-wix just...forgot? Or hates Concrete Man. Such a robocist.

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One funny thing about this mix is that while it's the shortest amount of time I've probably spent on a mix (so far at least), it's the best I've done so far production wise. Compared to anything I've done actually, not just mixes. Kind of surprising really. Still not sure if it's legible for the project, but it's cool IMO.

I can't wait to hear what everyone else has gotten in store for this project. Especially Flexstyle : D This theme is gonna sound awesome in electronic.

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Did you guys notice that Concrete Man shares a color scheme with OC ReMix?

Also, let's get some badass album art.





Make it happen, photoshoppers!


Like this? XD

How about this?

Hold up! Ya'll forgot about me?

Concrete Man on this mp3

OverClocked ReMix left me off the mix list

Now I'm just one pissed overlooked remix

Top boss like Tha Sauce

Owning noobs like brentalfloss

"I'm sorry"'s a lost cause

Once ya got this 'bot crossed

Back in blue? Well I'm here in grey

Call me Big C, and I'm here to stay

My Concrete Shot's more than ya got

Frozen in place, prepare to get body dropped

WELCOME TO YOUR DOOM as a result of my Stone Hands

You're just mad I crushed your Mr. Perfect plans

You mad, bro? I turn Magma to stone

The socket's been Plugged and the Galaxy's been overthrown

Your Tornado blows and your Jewels aren't protective

And your Splash attack's not very effective

Your Hornets can't sting and break me apart

I'm gonna bury you like a pile of E.T. carts

The Big C EP of Restitution

Remembering me is your new resolution

Concrete Man, now you won't forget me

Leave me off the album? Can the judges, DJP!

...or something like that. I was really bored at work today, haha!

Somebody get Random aka Mega Ran to record that Concrete Man rap for us.

EDIT: oh yeah or the Bronx Rican would def work too!

yo yo yo yoooooo!!! this stuff right here is tight. don't want to overhype or be unrealistic because I know yo're pressing for time, but are you guys going to make a single or an EP? just listened through some of the stuff in this thread and read them boss-status lyrics and it seems like there's way too many awesome stuff here to just submit one song.:)!!

regardless, i'm really looking forward to whatever happens with this.

when i read that concrete man thing in the trailer i was like "wha?... i don't get it:?"

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