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Also a couple of other things:

:arrow: I'll stop seeding "single EP" torrents with the next show. Releasing will be in 5EP-packs and 10EP-packs from now on. (I don't have the time to do single shows atm, and one of the callers ment it's more efficient to offer "bigger" packs)

:arrow: Seeders needed!!! Me alone as master seeder is just not enough.

:arrow: And nope... I don't offer the packs as "HTML" download. Sorry to those who can't use torrent due to reasons unknown.



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Great show,although its kinda bunk that one cant rely on ramma to get the report out, but all well. I checked out Beatdrops album out from your guys' shownotes, awsome stuff thanks Aurora. so ya thats all i got to say. ah oh ya Razya make another remix sometime, that would be great.

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C'mon, it's a good show! I actually haven't watched it in over a year though...


Well I just listened to eps 21 where they talk bout Chrono Symphonic and it sounds great! I think ill download all the songs and jam'em in a CD!

By the way any news on it? Is the release date revealed yet?

I can't wait for it... remember the slurping post I did a few pages back pixie?! That's Chrono Trigger baby!!

(on a bragging side note, i got my english test today and i got a 18.5 in 20! Yay! >_> <_< bragging over :P)

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In related news... I had me name said on VGDJ! it was in a segment by SGX, but the fact is it was on the show! Now go buy the album!

Yeah, that was great he listed all us remixers! *lol* I'm such a nerd! :lol:

Yes, go buy SGX's "super green" (aren't I clever?) remix album!

EDIT: Oh yeah, happy b-day, Rayza! :!::!::!:

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