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Mega Man: The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2011

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I'm not exactly a mouse-soloist since the kind of music I usually do doesn't lend itself to solos much, but count me in as a mouse arranger. I do have a midi controller but I use it for smoother manual knob automation and melody experimenting.

Now back to the unending clicking...

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YEPYEPYEP, got me a nice AxiomPro61 MIDI keyboard, but I only use it for, ironically, soloing over loops I've made. I sequence everything by hand. I really don't find it to be difficult or tedious or time-consuming doing it by hand... it's much easier to ear it out to create really cool, complex music I probably wouldn't have done otherwise while improvising.

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As always, this is just kind of a stream of consciousness as I listen, so if there are errors, DEAL WITH IT.

Liquid Metal -- Nice tubey guitar tone here. I hate scream vocals about 90% of the time :/ That said, this is very well arranged and produced, especially the way the Wily theme carries it around 2:30. The lyrics were pretty entertaining, especially the random "fish" at the end. Cherry-on-fucking-top. What drum plugin were you using? I've been looking for an awesome one for rock/metal recently. Ecto wants to write some synth metal...

Satch Man -- Another Willrock-augmented mix! I'm down. Yep, this is the halc I know, finally having exorcised all the hatred and aggression out of his life through chill dubstep, whatever that is. I want your magical power to retexture your mixes constantly :[ Production-wise, I don't really have any complaints at all. Willrock's solo was short and sweet. The flute at the end was an awesome touch. Soooo, yeah! Very enjoyable :D I'd like to see a solo halc mix in Round 3, though, frand.

Cold Dreams -- ooooo sounds all time stretchy and flange-y and freezing god damn cold, so good work on the ambience there! The piano even manages to feel like icecicles somehow. That doesn't even make sense. Basically, you did a fantastic job making things seem super cold. The sound design in general was excellent, as was the production. The part at about 3:05 was very, very well done :D My only complaint is that the snare was almost nonexistent. The arpeggios around 4:00ish reminded me of Bubble Man. Bonus points.

I Don't Have Time to Make This Song -- The kick made me poop my pants, but in a good way. And, well... it's all very good :P Shitty review, yes, but know that I probably would have voted for it had it been finished! It was coming along very nicely!

Passing of the Night -- The guitar processing could use a little work, maybe some more verb and some EQing to make it mesh with the dreamy soundscape a bit better. There was some weird panning in the right channel at 0:36 with the countermelody. The drum work was really solid. Around 1:00, the blippy arp and the intensifying soundscape were pretty sweet and really pushed the mix along. I was a bit worried at the beginning that the slightly-sounding guitar belied a not-so-good mix, but I was dead wrong. I suppose my biggest complaint would be the solo at the end sounding a little rhythmically forced and almost out of time. This was really good overall, though :D

Electrostatic -- Bitching soundscape to start it off, especially those sweet drums. The tweety sample at 0:48 & other times needs some mixing attention, especially its panning position being pretty far left. The phase lead also needs a little blending with the rest of the sounds. The part around 2:37 didn't mesh well with the rest of the mix, just a bit forced harmonically. There were a few parts with somewhat piercing highs. Dude, you have super-mega potential, you just need work on production. Your texturing is consistently interesting and the arrangement ideas have this awesome feel of controlled chaos.

The Death of Mr. X -- The rhythm in the beginning makes me want to kick some ass. I wasn't a huge fan of the ensuing rhythm guitar breakdown, kinda sounded a little Nirvana-esque, and I've never been a fan. I wasn't really into it until around 2:30 again -- very gripping solo. The dirty acoustic after it with the neck-y guitar outro was a very fitting complement to the beginning. Much like Hylian Lemon's remix from last round, both the intro and outro gave me a desperado vibe. Overall, though, it just wasn't my thang stylistically.

Dayquil, Nyquil -- Nice name, this had better be suitably trippy. wtf, chrome does not recognize trippy as a word. Badass bass and percussion, especially the progressive left to right panning on the percussion, awesome idea and execution. Both could have used some variance, though, as the bass could have changed with the chords a little better, and the drum lick, while cool, would have sounded better with some alterations. The ensuing symphonic part kicked my ass. I thought the hat on the off-beats was a little hot. The flute-work was really engaging and interesting. The arrangement was tight, if a little conservative. Wow, looking back on the review, there's a lot of negatives, but my overall impression was that it was GREAT. Keep abusing the x-quil as long as it inspires great music like that. YOUR HEALTH IS SECONDARY TO MY ENTERTAINMENT.

I Dreamt of a Man With Two Heads -- Nice hook at the beginning (accidentally typed it as "nice gook" at first, was barely able to will myself to fix the typo). I don't envy your task having to remix Search Man :D extremely difficult source. The trippy soundscape was complemented well by the chromatic descension of that slow-attack saw. Everything is great up until the outro which needs some work as far as note choices go. Yeah, so holy shit, man, this is a mind-blowing improvement over your last remix. That bass around 2:20 could have used a little more attention, and the piano needs some humanization and maybe a bit off the high end. I loved the percussion throughout with that slightly distorted kick -- nasty, yet reserved. In fact, that's kind of the vibe I got from the whole mix. VERY good work :D

Copperhead Drumstep -- ok, teamie. I'm in love with the pulse arpeggios near the beginning. They belie a sense of urgency that's expanded on in the next section with the electro bass and even more in the Snake Man breakdown beginning around 0:55. The pizzicato strings are an excellent choice given the classical chord progression and that it starkly represents the other source theme. The call and response between the themes once that section picks up is badass. I love that backwards-sounding synth around 2:10ish. And an outro with chip drums? I'll take it. Except I can't legally vote for it. I mean, come on.

Smooth Operator -- The panning at the beginning was a bit extreme. The claps need some more presence and reverb probably. Otherwise, the harmonies are sick, as was the instrumentation and the bassline. Once the mix picked up after the intro, everything was suitably chill and awesome. The cross-panning cymbal sweep was a little sharp on the highs. I loved that rhythmic filtered noise bit throughout. The outro made me feel like I'd just had sex and was finishing off my post-coitus tobacco stick -- all in the waiting for my post-coitus sandwich that SOMEONE had better be in the kitchen making...

ZERP to DERP -- Another typo that I'll just kinda roll with. The chord progression really needs to change with the melody, especially at 0:31. The drums after that have some unusual volume issues, like at 1:01. It's loud for a measure, then quiet for a measure. I really liked the transition at 1:38 and the ensuing arrangement & BASSLINE (sweet instrument choice, although it sounds a bit midi ripped :[ ) Nice work :D tightly arranged in a fun & compact package.

kthx guys, this has been the best round overall so far. Voting is going to be a tossup basically between, like, 8 mixes.

1st = I Dreamt of a Man With Two Heads

2nd = Dayquil, Nyquil

3rd = Satch Man

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Even though nobody give a flying leap about my thoughts (you shouldn't, anyways), here's my thoughts.

Liquid Metal ... The vocals got to me. Thrash has never been my genre, so it got on my nerves more than anything. The little metal I listen to is usually more technical, so for me, it's just my preference.

I chuckled at Mr. X's line, tho XD

Satch Man yum. Very nice glitchy chipstep tune. I really liked it.

Cold Dreams Not much to say other than a nice dancefloor track. Fun and funky.

I didn't have time to make this song The Song I just wanted moar...

Passing of the Knight Seems fine for a guitar remix. Not huge into guitar remixes, but it's good for that.

Electrostatic I love the ideas, but it is really thin and needs more noise filling it out.

The Death of Mr. X For some reason, I get emo hardcore from this. Don't ask me why. :/

Dayquil, Nyquil Fun, upbeat, with it's own dreamy variations, seems like a rave.

I Dreamt Of A Man With Two Heads The original title was going to be "And So Our Vigilant Detective Discovered The True Identity of the Man Known as Mr. X. And It Turned Out That He Was, In Fact, Albert Wily: Much Loved Robotics Professor And Puppy Lover"

But it was too long.

Copperhead Drumstep blah blah its benny briggs its awesome wheeeeee

Smooth Operator Smooth Jazz's never been my thing. So I thought it was fine, but not amazing.

ZERO to ROBO Fits Crash's wonky theme (which I hate personally) but a nice trippy glitch song.

That's all I have

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Smooth Operator -- The outro made me feel like I'd just had sex and was finishing off my post-coitus tobacco stick -- all in the waiting for my post-coitus sandwich that SOMEONE had better be in the kitchen making...

I'm glad my music was able to capture the vibe I was going for perfectly :mrgreen:

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Wow. A lot of REALLY nice entries this week. The guitar-driven ones seemed to be especially strong. Here's my top three, plus runner-up:


AMT's song really hit me with a dose of "that hit the spot," especially with the Nirvana stylings partway through. You know how sometimes you hear a song and you're like, "Screw reason, this song ROCKS and I love it!"? Yeah. That. This is the kind of song I'd stick in my car, roll down the windows, and blast at full volume.


Of course, I couldn't leave out the lo-tempo halc track with a Willrock solo. So delicious. An argument could probably be made that this is, indeed, dubstep. Well-executed and I love it.


Rexy and Strader, that was some of the best VGM metal with Caribbean undertones I've ever heard. Agree with some others that the vocals were a bit too loud in spots, but clean that stuff up and sub this and you might well have a front-page winner.


Lidawg, had you cleaned up that solo towards the end, you might well have crept into the third-place spot in my vote. Really dug your entry, and honestly the guitar tones were part of what made it for me. I'm a fan of lo-fi "garage/livingroom" rock music and yours had a lot of that vibe to it.

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Liquid Metal - Pretty entertaining song, but not much of a fan of the genre. Some slight production issues, but nothing too serious.

Satch Man - Superb mix. Loved every minute of it. It really captured the feeling of nostalgia conveyed by the Wily source theme, at least the feeling of nostalgia I've always felt when I played through Mr. X's stages (last Mega Man NES game:cry: (and no, MM9 and MM10 don't count)). Tied for #1 with...

Cold Dreams - Another great one. Loved the decade fast-forward, Sir_NutS. This one also captures the nostalgia of Mr. X stage's theme. Really well executed. I wish I could vote for two #1's this round, but I may change up my choices if the mood hits.

I didn't have time to make this song The Song - Argh, I was loving this song so much! I had it playing in the background and didn't notice the short length until it suddenly ENDED. YOU MUST FINISH THIS SONG!!

Passing of the Knight - Almost everyone's slowing it down a bit this round, but I'm not complaining (probably due to the Wily source). A great mix here, but I don't think it clicked with me as much as some of the other mixes this round. Still an excellent piece of work, though.

Electrostatic - I like the style you're going for here, but I think some of the samples randomly thrown in there could have been employed more effectively. A good arrangement nonetheless, and I definitely liked it more than your mix last round.

The Death of Mr. X - I don't know if it's because there's tougher competition this round or because this one isn't as good as your last, but I'm not loving this one as much as your first round submission, which was easily one of my favorites of that round. It's still a great mix, though, and I'll be adding this one to at least one of my playlists.

Dayquil, Nyquil - Could have been my #4. I really liked the mellow style, but I think the production was a little iffy from 1:53 to 2:20, but nothing serious.

I Dreamt Of A Man With Two Heads - Like I said earlier, a VAST improvement over your last mix. I don't know who said it earlier, but it's true that the ambient synth/instrument should be strengthened. Really, it's a great mix, though, and I'll definitely be listening to this more in the future.

Copperhead Drumstep - Luckily, there's no "Snake Man's on my trail" to get stuck in my head all week in this song. Unfortunately, this one doesn't seem to click as well as Dubious Brother. Still works, though, and still a good song.

Smooth Operator - Nice mix overall, but I don't think that the upbeat style of the song works for me with the Mr. X song. It's still definitely an improvement production-wise over your last mix, though, and the song itself is still very well done.

ZERO to ROBO - Nice industrial style here. Again, though, for me, it doesn't click with the Mr. X source. I still like it, though, but as others have said already, it's a bit too short.

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Wow, I did not at all expect such positive response from the WIP I submitted. Maybe I should complete it afterall.

Unfortunately, my entire weekend (which is when I usually do most of my music work) was taken up by other obligations. Then I had the joy of my hard drive going on the fritz and having to do a series of backups (which of course I had accidentally left my external hard drive at work for a day).

Then after all that, I was finally able to start my track, but the week was almost over at that point and I was getting very disheartened that I'd be able to make anything worth listening to in such a short time.

All the positive words definitely make me want to put it in my "to finish" pile of songs. Thanks, guys :)

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Round 5's Wily Theme is also up. This week we'll be fighting through

FFPPPFFF!! Neko, how do you not like this song?! Already mixed it, and with 3 other sources from MM8 (and is currently on the panel...). So, I'll be stepping up to keep the current order for Teh M3G4 Ballerz. Charge Man, trains, head biscuits, 'n all that good shit.

Just got back, ready to listen to the new batch. Butt I herd they're pret gud?

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Just in case anyone else is having trouble reading the results, I'll just put them in order.


  1. "Don't Make Me Cut You", halc (Block Rockmen Beats) - 64
  2. "She's A Squirter", Brandon Strader (Bad Guy Robots from Mega Man) - 57
  3. "Burn The Castle", AMT (The Beat Busters) - 53
  4. "Dubious Brothers", Benjamin Briggs (The Hard Men) - 50
  5. "Totally Rad Winter", Sir_NutS (Blue Bomber Brotherhood) - 48
  6. "Last of the Clan", Jason Covenant (The Concrete Men) - 41
  7. "Double Doctors", Main Finger (Cold Steel) - 31
  8. "The Knight Who Says ROCK!", Lidawg (Dr. Light's Luminosity Legion) - 28
  9. "Under Construction", SuperiorX (The Mega Ballers) - 21
  10. "Two Minds Without A Single Thought", Zerothemaster (The Gentlemaster's Club) - 9


  1. "Far From Home", AkumajoBelmont (The Concrete Men) - 85
  2. "Wily's Inferno", Nutritious (Block Rockmen Beats) - 76
  3. "Attracted To Power", Gario (Blue Bomber Brotherhood) - 64
  4. "Light Your Way", Neblix (The Beat Busters) - 49
  5. "Shadows of Wily", Amphibious (The Gentlemaster's Club) - 49
  6. "The Root of All Things", Rexy (Bad Guy Robots from Mega Man) - 42
  7. "No Ticket!", Phonetic Hero (The Mega Ballers) - 36
  8. "Mr. X was Wily the WHOLE TIME", geoffio (Cold Steel) - 13
  9. "whatever.jpg", Emunator (The Hard Men) - 10
  10. "Smooth Heat", Obtuse (Dr. Light's Luminosity Legion) - 9
  11. "Glacial Age", Mr. L (Energy Tank) - 6
  12. "Glitch In The System", Chernabogue (The Skull Men) - 5


  1. "Topsy Turvy", Flexstyle (The Concrete Men) - 63
  2. "Air Man in a G String", Willrock (Block Rockmen Beats) - 58
  3. "Sting Operation", Hylian Lemon (Bad Guy Robots from Mega Man) - 57
  4. "Running With Scissors", Nekofrog (Cold Steel) - 44
  5. "Riding The Avalanche", C7 (The Gentlemaster's Club) - 39
  6. "Electric Sleep", Ectogemia (The Hard Men) - 31
  7. "unto dust", prophetik (Blue Bomber Brotherhood) - 31
  8. "Solidity", Rozovian (The Mega Ballers) - 28
  9. "Tripping Through", Jewbei (The Beat Busters) - 25
  10. "Power Outage", Xarnax42 (Energy Tank) - 14

And the teams placement after 3 rounds:

  1. Block Rockmen Beats (Willrock, halc, Nutritious) - 24
  2. The Concrete Men (Jason Covenant, AkumajoBelmont, Flexstyle) - 22
  3. Bad Guy Robots from Mega Man (Rexy, Hylian Lemon, Brandon Strader) - 15
  4. Blue Bomber Brotherhood (prophetik, Sir_NutS, Gario) - 10
  5. The Beat Busters (neblix, AMT, Jewbei) - 10
  6. The Gentlemaster's Club (Amphibious, Zerothemaster, C7) - 8
  7. The Hard Men (Ectogemia, Benjamin Briggs, Emunator/TheGuitahHeroe) - 7
  8. Cold Steel (geoffio, Main Finger, Nekofrog) - 6
  9. The Mega Ballers (SuperiorX, Phonetic Hero, Rozovian) - 4
  10. Dr. Light's Luminosity Legion (Obtuse, Cyril the Wolf, Lidawg) - 2
  11. Energy Tank (Xarnax42, zach72, Mr. L) - 2
  12. The Skull Men (LuketheXjesse, Jakesnke17, Chernabogue) - 1

More stats later? who can say :P

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I shall be mixing for the Gentlemasters this week. Pretty sick theme, I'm feelin' smooth.

I felt smooth last week (See: Smooooooooooooth Oper8r (Supe, don't get on my case about reusing this :P )). Time to move on. Something dirty should suit. Like Dirts McGirt.

With loads of glitching and chordal complexity/passing tones just to piss off MindWanderer :)

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I felt smooth last week (See: Smooooooooooooth Oper8r (Supe, don't get on my case about reusing this :P )). Time to move on. Something dirty should suit. Like Dirts McGirt.

With loads of glitching and chordal complexity/passing tones just to piss off MindWanderer :)

12-tone Man in Glitch Castle.

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Looks like I'll be mixing for the Hard Men this week, that is if school will allow sufficient time for it...

Pfff ok Emu :)

12-tone Man in Glitch Castle.

I can dig that. So are we making a fan made Mega Man game with a crazy-ass soundtrack or what?

Edit: Oof, that crack came off a bit harsh. Wasn't trying to sound like a butthole. I apologize for being such a DICK

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