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Tales series: Summoning of Spirits - History

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In serious business:

The music side of this project is practically finished. I need everyone to go through the tracklist on the first page of this thread and make sure all of the songs are accounted for. With so many tracks, this isn't easy to keep track of, so make sure I haven't overlooked anything.

Also, my mirrors list is a bit outdated. Please confirm with me if you are on the list and still able to host the project. We will also additional need HTTP hosting mirrors. Please let me know if you have about 500-600 megs of hosting space available and good bandwidth. Trust me: It WILL get used.

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Next step: Golden Sun~~?

Pretty please with a lemon gel on top? D8

If I ever do another project (which isn't very likely), it'll be one of three things: F-Zero, Metal Slug, or Daytona USA. No more of this RPG crap. :razz:

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VotL had 4 discs of music and that was only one game. :< Although that is actually kinda crazy because the original soundtrack only had 3.

If you take all of the extra bonus stuff we have, you could get another disc out of it...

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