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OCR02333 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Labyrinth of Dance Floors"


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Jeff Ball is awesome!

I think this is a really well thought-out and executed mix. It has a very nice intro, great pacing, the right amount of build, climax, and cooldown.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I'm going to use a turkey analogy:

Jeff brined the turkey (intro), he stuffed it until about 1:30 (build), put it in the oven to brown it until about 2:30 (climax) where he bastes it (cooldown), inserts it back in the oven (build), then he takes it out of the oven in all its glory at 4:40 (climax 'splode), & what a glorious turkey (song) it is!

It's dance/trance/ambient so I disagree about the length, if it was your regular 90s mix, it'd be at least ten minutes lol.

I love some how interesting the harmonics are in this, really nuanced and smart. Great work Jeff and Happy Thanksgiving!

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It's like the Dungeon theme 2.0 in my ears. You really expanded on the feel of the original with some added elements in the build-ups and breakdowns. It's got a great electronic beat while maintaining that ethereal sound which is unique. Some parts could have been trimmed a hair, but this is really well done.

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I already stated some positive feedback on the track via the #ocremix IRC earlier this week, so it might feel fangirlish to do it again here.

But I has to. >:]

Being already a fan of the source tune, it to me captures somewhat of a catastrophic yet ambient quality with a shifting melody over a more unconventional chord progression - so much I referenced it a couple of times in my remixing endeavours.

So I'm glad to see that Jeff took it on and managed to capture a huge nostalgic rush with this one. The melody remains faithful to the source, but the varied chord progression and additional writing elements really brings the track to life, further accentuated when more and more of the rhythmic synths start coming in. It for me really hits the sweet spot at 4:37, with the pretty glissando work and dynamic attention to detail with the transition, and continues to develop even with the secret area jingle thrown in later on too.

In addition to the detail, the general progression has that je-ne-sais-quoi that certain mixes I experienced in the recent past have struggled to hit with me - the sudden desire to want to play it on various occasions throughout the day outside of the context of travelling to and from work with my iPod. Seriously, that's how great the writing and detail-work ended up being for me!

Considering that one of my favorite remixes ever was Neskvartetten's "Ganon's Temple", covering the exact same source tune, you've really managed to dive into the heart of the source material and provide something engaging and fitting with it; I wouldn't have thought that someone would've been as creative with the source since then at all. So again, a whole-hearted well done and I'm game to see what you can do next :D

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Man. There's something mysterious about this mix.

I always feel like something's watching me. :(

Some of the leads feel off tune, without being annoying... it's just uncomfortable. I love it!

Then with the heavy reverberation of the lead throughout the main part, it feels like the title.

It's a goddamn labyrinth filled with pictures who's eyes follow you around the room.

Perfect for Halloween. Not for Christmas parties. Haha

All in all, I recommend this to anyone who remotely enjoys emotional music.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02333 - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Labyrinth of Dance Floors"

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