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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume II - History

The Joker

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I edited the BadAss 2 website and sent it off to Puga in email, so that should be good, not that I think there was any rush on that, considering FF6 should be out next and if they released this before it, I think there'd be irrational hate given that is not deserved by the album, simply for not being FF6.

But on to more pleasant concepts....

I want to give you guys an opportunity to vote for a boss theme for me to cover for Volume 3. I don't think it's appropriate to post those votes here, but if you'd like to leave me a VISITOR MESSAGE with a boss suggestion / youtube link to their music, that would be great.

If nobody votes for an awesome boss theme, I might just have to choose my own. Maybe something from one of these new games that are coming out. :-)

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