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Shnabubula - Free Play (Piano Improv)

Sam Ascher-Weiss

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This album is comprised of 9 songs all entirely improvised on the piano. Layers were then added after the fact to the improvised recordings. Because they are improvised, these songs come from pure emotion. A variety of feelings are represented and are intended to take the listener on a journey. So close your eyes and let the stories unfold.


some preview videos:



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Consider yourself and everything you've ever loved dead.

lets put it this way: all of my friends, past and current lovers, family members, and even a few strangers are aware of sam's musical magic. how many people have YOU turned on? ;]

anyway as to the album itself, HOLY SHIT SAM, i paid money for this on the merits of Morning Commute and Showtime alone. not to say the other tracks werent beautifully crafted, but the energy in those two really struck me and stuck with me. god, showtime was such a grand way to end this thing

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