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OCR02383 - Street Fighter II "Coconut Milk"


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Probably the best Sagat theme ReMix I've ever heard. Sagat's theme is usually tailored-made to being done in a way that is soft and laid-back, so a nice tropical beat made from it just seems right. The arrangement and production sound great and there's plenty of variety for the ears to feast on. Great work on this one!

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I'm pretty sure the Sagat references have become a collective running gag with the Bad Dudes camp, particularly with a handful of individual mixes from members of the roster and the source getting cameo'd in unrelated arrangements from Diggi Dis and even posu himself. :razz: So I'm half-expecting to hear more Sagat for the rest of 2012.

This classy cuban jazz like interpretation apparently fits more of JM's style than anyone else (which does seem odd to think since posu did a handful of the accompaniment work and lead guitar performance), though the translation from the original's 11/8 to a more conventional time signature AND a much more exotic jam setting definitely shines a very intriguing light on the arrangement. The teamwork is shown with a lot of the tradeoffs between posu's drum writing and guitar emphasis with JM's attention on pitched percussion and sweeping strings (with the occasional flute part from Stacy as well, which seems to be rather hidden in comparison); the collaborative effort has done a lot to shape in a much more atmospheric track that captures the more team spirit based nature of HvV extremely well.

I don't think I have much else to say about it, other than it being a very different take on a popular theme by the Bad Dudes, and one to consider as a more distinct track amongst the HvV album tracks. I'm sure JM will be rising with a handful of tracks for 2012, and I'm also sure that Sagat will also make ANOTHER appearance somewhere with the way this is going :razz:

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Actually, it also sounded like souped-up elevator music. :tomatoface:<- my face. But I really like elevator music, so that maybe why I thought of it.

check watermelon flava for ultimate elevator goodness. you're right, this smooth type of jazzyness present in many morse/po tracks lends itself pretty well to muzak.

it's probably hard for any musician to not take that as an insult, lol.

definitely not intended as i love the tune. especially the final part! such great flow.

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Smooth Sagat? Stranger things have been made.

This has a smooth relaxing groove to it, and the keys + flute combo really emphasize that aspect. The guitar also does a great job in enhancing the relaxed nature of the song. I enjoyed the listen quite a bit when I first heard it when HvV came out, but I think I appreciate it more as an individual song. It's well done!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02383 - Street Fighter II "Coconut Milk"

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