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Street Fighter: The World Warrior Remix Royale


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The guy who posted a blog about the SF 25th Anniversary music thingy said they'll credit us, so I'm holding 'em to it.

But I got an idea: Since this compo had a requirement for all entrants to be posted or to-be-posted ReMixers, I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a version of this same exact compo later on this year with the opposite; only non-posted and non-to-be-posted ReMixers can participate. Call it the "Street Fighter World Warrior Remix Royale: Underdog Edition". A one-time occurrence for all those people that wanted to show their stuff but couldn't get in this time around to have a shot at mixing some SF compo tunes before the SFWWRR 2013.

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I would rather just not restrict participants anymore.

While yes

I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a version of this same exact compo later on this year with the opposite; only non-posted and non-to-be-posted ReMixers can participate. Call it the "Street Fighter World Warrior Remix Royale: Underdog Edition".

I also yes. However, I don't know if this would garner as much attention. It's like seeing a minor league baseball game instead of a major league game.

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Hey, I e-mailed Capcom a couple days ago about the things I mentioned in their ToS that I thought were bogus. I received a response from them that I thought I should post here. The gist of it is that the people at Capcom have great respect for the artists here at OCR and promise to give credit where it's due to the submitting artists.

Thank you again for contacting us about the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Music Tribute; we wanted to respond to the concerns you expressed in your email.

First, we wanted to say that we are very sensitive to the issues you raise about artists' rights. In fact, we at Capcom are ourselves artists, and understand the desire to protect our work and be recognized for it. As an example, remixes that get posted on OCRemix may be remixes of songs that are owned and created by Capcom itself. Thus protection of artists' rights guides Capcom's actions in the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tributes. We hope the information below will address your concerns.

First, we want to make clear that the contest being run on OCReMix.org (http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=39120) is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated in any way with Capcom, and Capcom is not providing any judging or prizing services related to that contest. The statements on the website that suggest Capcom is going to be directly involved are incorrect, caused by a misunderstanding, and we have asked OCReMix.org to remove those statements. While Capcom is excited to hear what great things people come up with and post to OCReMix.org, Capcom has no plan to "use" any such music. While Capcom does agree with you that the artists on OCReMix are of the highest caliber, and Capcom would like to see those artists post their music in connection with its Music Tribute, that is a decision left solely to the artist. If Capcom did discover something on OCReMix.org that it would like to use, Capcom would engage a separate discussion with the artist directly, much as it would in the case of any music Capcom would wish to use.

Second, with respect to Capcom's own Music Tribute (hhtps://www.streetfighter.com/SF25Music/), we want you to know that Capcom has tried to make its terms as transparent and artist-friendly as possible. For instance, Capcom put the terms up front for the artist to review before making a submission. They are not hidden behind a link, on a page that no one will look at. If an artist does not agree with the terms, he or she does not have to submit his or her music. Capcom also identified for the artist all the ways in which Capcom may use the musical submission. You will also see that Capcom is requesting the artist's name and contact information. This is because Capcom would like to give attribution to the artist for any musical piece that Capcom may use. Finally, Capcom is only being granted a license to use the submission, it is not requiring that the artist transfer the copyright to Capcom. This is critical for the artist because it means that the artist continues to own the copyright in his or her work.

Third, Capcom's Music Tribute is intended to be a showcase for its fans. While Capcom could have structured its Music Tribute to highlight only the music it owns, it instead decided that it would like to pay tribute to its fans as well. The Music Tribute is Capcom's way to give Street Fighter fans the ability to showcase their musical talent to a broad audience. The forum provides artists an opportunity to be recognized for their work, and possibly to have their work included in Capcom events and products. Again, if an artist does not wish to allow Capcom to use his or her work, then there is no requirement that the artist make a submission to the website.

We hope that this information in helpful to you. Capcom has great respect for its fans, and believes that there is an immense level of talent among them. We hope that you decide so submit your work to the 25th Anniversary Music Tribute, but we understand and respect if you choose not. Thank you again for writing.

~The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Team

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Only got a remix from DusK, so that's the end of the that bracket. No voting this week.

Now, it wouldn't be fair to make DusK remix two weeks in a row, but there's no point in making people wait since we already know the match-ups, so I'm starting the mixing stage for the final round today but making it a two week mixing stage. This gives DusK the chance to take a break if he wants one.

Good luck to the Ghetto Lee Lewis and DusK, our finalists. Go for broke!

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To what address? To my understanding, the submit button is supposed to open up an e-mail that you send, but it's not opening for me, at all, here.


Here's the whole submission form, just replace all the asterisk'd points with your info and email it:

Official Submission Form:

Name: *Insert your name here*

Email Address: *insert your email here*

Location: *insert your location here*

Song Url: *insert URL to your track here*

Please attach your music file to this email (or provide a link if the piece is greater than 5MB). If there is any additional information you would like to provide (collaborators, etc), please put it here: *insert comments here*

Please keep this text in order to confirm eligibility for participation in the 25th Anniversary Music Tribute series:

- By submitting this artwork, I certify that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions located at StreetFighter.com/SF25Music

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My submission is in your inbox, Darkesword. I wasn't sure if you still wanted the wav file after the whole fiasco with Capcom, so I sent both the wav and the mp3.

I also changed the title very slightly from the convention, because I might release this song commercially (probably after changing the main melodies).

I hope people like it. I really took some risks with this one. xP

Can't wait to hear your song too, DusK. Good luck to you.

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Current News

The mixing stage for the Final Round has begun! Check the bracket images for matchups. Competitors have two weeks to create a remix using their source tune and their opponent's source tune. Remixes are due on Sunday, May 6, 2012, at 12PM EDT. Go for broke!

Seems very much unabandoned to me, we should get the tracks by tomorrow i'd say :)

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