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Killer Studio Chops for only $39

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I thought the Killer Studio Chops thing did die...

Also, I'm going to avoid making the same jokes everyone else is making and say what no one else is saying - the drum samples are actually not too bad at all. I'm sure you could also find just as good drum samples for the same price elsewhere, but still, if you can get past the horrible ad campaign they're doing, you might actually get a pretty decent product.

Anyone feel like volunteering to see if it really is a joke or not?

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I honestly would give it an honest shot, but I don't have 39$.

Their advertisement methods are hilarious (holy crap that chart is truly amazing), but I'm not entirely convinced that their product is that horrible, given the price their selling it at. It looks pretty good for a novice at that price range, actually.

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It makes me sad that this website is set up like all of these different basketball program sites that my little brother is swindled into thinking will really help him 'enhance his jumps' and 'dunk like the pros,' and then beg my parents to purchase for him since he's far too lazy to, you know, actually practice like he needs to.

But then again, if the demographic they are advertising to includes people who don't need to 'learn boring music theory' and care about become the next 'top-billin' Grammy winner, bangin' out fresh beats,' maybe this is the new job market: capitalizing on stupid people.

"Want to use your own samples? No Biggie!"

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Holy shit, did you see the Youtube number on that video? 500,000 in a couple days. I guess we weren't the only ones who thought it was a joke...

...ohhh, now the ad campaign is making sense to me...

Likely they used one of those shady services that sell Facebook and Youtube likes from dummy/hijacked accounts.

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