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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012


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Meh, you pancakes need to stop leaving your gunk all over the ceiling. :razz:

And I consider myself doing good. I've got the bulk of the arrangement down, one version saved in Cubase with my usual soundbank and another saved as a MIDI, both on my external drive. So even if my laptop goes down in a blaze of pixelated glory, I am on great form so far. :)

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I worked on my track for 14 hours straight yesterday :D

good luck to Xenon Odyssey and everyone, by the way!

yeah holy crap! I've got a pretty good start to my track. I need to try to finish most of it up today, because this coming work week is kind of crazy for me.

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Since we're giving status updates... I might as well add in my one and half cents. :smile:

I'm 1 minute in... and SuperiorX's theme is working better for me in my selected genre than my own theme. :-(

But that's all right, plenty of time left!

Not to mention, I'm having a blast with this so far!

Anyway, for anyone who was interested... there it is.

Edit: Well, things are going much better now. Quartz Quadrant is working with me now. :P

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This is exciting. Did someone in the Robotnik bracket pick Crisis City because if they did, and god willing, they are good, then they will be my hero. Crisis City is one of my favorite Sonic zones


No one picked crisis city. Sadface.

Double Edit. I see Brandon Strader picked Planet Wisp. Don't let me down bro, planet wisp is a baller song and zone. If you don't win then I'll hold you personally responsible for all my lifes problems.

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I'm actually really happy at getting Tidal Tempest. A few ideas are millin' round my head atm. I've been at work so gonna start this tonight! Prepare for a battle!!!!!!!! Its time to go all out on this :)!!

I'm starting mine tonight - I cooked up some FANTASTIC ideas in my head at work today, and I can't wait to get started :) Watch out yo - I B Makin' it reel.

Fo Sho :)

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Geez Bobby, the music in that video sounds like it could've EASILY
. Seriously, like what?! o_O()

It sounds like that's what they were trying to execute, but clearly they didn't want to put bad music into a commercial game (since FM can get rotten pretty quickly). Time for a Ristar hack where the music actually makes it difficult to face that boss!

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