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Be Aggressive!: A Gunstar Heroes Tribute Album - History

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Alright, looks like most, if not all, remixers made it in time for the deadline. :)

And a lot of you are nearly done with your tracks, which means two things:

1-this project is well on track for Gunstar Heroes' 20th anniversary

2-it's time to formalize and send our project proposal to OCR

Thanks to everyone for your continued effort and support to this fun little project.

There are still a handful of open tracks that we'd love to see covered somehow.

Stay tuned for the next check-in deadline that will be announced shortly.

Oh, and a little surprise should be coming up soon, if all goes well. :wink:

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That's great news! :)
It gets better: the project proposal has been sent to OCR for eval/approval. ;)

Furthermore, I still have a surprise in store for you guys...

I was practically introduced to it via this project thread.. yup. Looking forwards to the finished album!
Wow, I couldn't be happier to see people checking Gunstar Heroes and NON's work as a result of this project.

Thanks a lot for the support Eino. :)

Everyone, please take note: the next check-in is set to February 10th 2013.

Good luck and don't forget to have fun with your arrangement. Stay aggressive! :grin:

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Hope you guys enjoyed that little preview, and are pumped for the album.

Letting you all know that I'm back, if you need feedback on your mixes.

There are still 6 tracks open, so we're looking for a few more remixers.

Post here or hit us via PM if you're looking at claiming something. :)

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Great to see you back on this as well, Dj Mokram. The preview kicked all sorts of behinds, you all should watch it right now!

I might as well bite. I'd like to grab Dice-Dance-Days, an awesome, awesome track I'm surprised no-one's taken yet. I should be able to send in the first WIP sometime after new year. I'll send you guys a PM as well with a more aggressive example of my stuff.


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I'll send you guys a PM as well with a more aggressive example of my stuff.

Got your PM and finally replied. Make us (and more importantly make yourself) proud. ;)

Another finished remix courtesy of the awesum Tuberz McGee. Keep'em coming guys.

Still a few tracks open that we'd love to see arranged. WE ARE STILL RECRUITING! :)

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Welcome aboard the project to evktalo, Rukunetsu and ectogemia. Looking forward to the awesome, guys. :)

This leave us with only 3 tracks open, and a little under four months to complete the music and move on to logistics.

Still waiting to hear back from OCR about the proposal we sent last November, but hopefully we'll know more soon.

So sit tight, keep having fun with your mixes and remember the next check-in date of February 10th 2013. ;)

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Mentioned it to DusK, but I'm mulling the possibility of scrapping my track as it is right now and starting from scratch. The synthesis is kind of assy, and I'm not sure I'm digging the structure. I don't feel like it's too representative of where I'm at now :P Feel free to PM me if you wanna chat about it a bit, but I'm still anticipating meeting the deadline, so no worries


the next check-in date of February 10th 2013. ;)

Quite the birthday present, eh ecto? :D Get equipped with: Deadline

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It's awesome to see so much faith put into new projects on OCR lately. :-) I might take another look at this when I clear my plate a bit (unless you hate me which I can understand :-D)

I refuse to let any personal differences get in the way. All I care about is whether or not you can pump out a good track before the deadline, which is something I really don't doubt in the least.

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