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Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Threshold of a Dream - History


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Yo, I've been caught up with personal stuff, but I should have something in at least WIP or even PRE-WIP (If there is such a thing!) before next Thursday. Warning: If I make any updates between Feb 12th and Feb 24th take them LIGHTLY as I'll still be on meds following my Tonsillectomy. I will say I'm kind of interested in what I could come up with while taking those painkillers with a broken throat, hehe.

Anyways, just giving you that head's-up Brad: my WIP is coming!

PS. I had bad news yesterday. That game I was telling you about, the one I was writing the soundtrack for, got cancelled (technically put on indefinite hiatus) because the project lead got a job with another company that has a "no competition" rule with it's employees. :( What to do with a half-finished soundtrack, haha!

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It's so awesome to hear this again. Thanks again.

Although... lol, there wouldn't happen to be any other versions on you would there? I remember one of them had a part where I layered a few parts pitch shifted an octave down and up, which sounded quite trippy. Can't remember if that was an older version or a later version.

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That's cool. I think I remember pretty well what it was I did anyway.

I think I will try to redo and update it sometime soon, even though not for this project.

Don't take this as a definitely*, but I may try and see if I can do something about Track 14 > Inside the Egg (18/96) ->. An epic piano arrangement might be possible (if some melancholy / tripped out solo piano is close enough to the genre restrictions that is). I'll just need a few days to listen to it on repeat and make a few visits to my mom's house where the piano is, to determine whether it's something I can do.

EDIT: Heh, as a first initial task to begin memorizing the source material, I've broken Inside the Egg into sections, which I have named guitar hero style:

(0:00) intro (x2)

(0:38) sudden craziness

(0:44) bass and trills

(0:53) indian buildup

(1:12) rachmaninoff breakdown

(1:22) one last trill

And I'm currently also tracking it into FL Studio by ear with my mouse (broke my keyboard =( ) so at the very least, I'll have a good quality as pre approved by me reference midi file for anyone if someone else ends up doing it.

- one final edit to this post: I've got the source material memorized, made up a notepad file with a lot of notes outlining the main structure of the piece along with some ideas for details. starting to feel pretty excited about the potential.

it will be solo piano but not entirely live. some sections digitally altered/layered, etc. and hopefully some dignified ambience to back it. Sound good?

* at this point, you can take it as a 'probably'

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so, i should update people as to what's going on. soundtest and his roomy at my alma mater, sloopygoop, are both working hard on their tracks - soundtest is nearing completion with a really interesting, somewhat avant-garde electronic track that i feel is really fitting the mood. sloopy's just getting started on a chiptune track of either mabe or choose your name. level 99 got me a wip right before he got his tonsils out, so he's been in and out of consciousness lately.

haven't heard a lot outside of that, so let's keep getting mixes into me so that i can keep filing away finished tracks =)

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i've been getting wips from Sound Test, and they're really cool - quite progressive in style. not progressive like all you crappy house fans, but progressive as in 20th-century composition compared to 19th century. really experimental stuff, some really interesting ideas that didn't pan out and some that did.

haven't heard much else, lately. come on! please post any updates - no mp3s, send those to me - so i know where people are at.

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