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OCR02460 - Ecco: The Tides of Time (GEN) "Hypnotica"


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This mix oozes industrial, and yet that lead synth is a curious choice for a primarily industrial take. The song is built pretty solid. The guitar playing is for the most part solid (although I noticed a hitch somewhere around the 2 minute mark, maybe a little after, and at 2:51).

The song seems to do what it was intended to do in a solid manner, giving off a gritty feel with its mechanical beats and atmospheric use of the guitars. Mak has improved quite a bit since I last heard a WIP from him - keep up the good work!

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Thanks everybody!

This track one of my favorite, still it has lot of issues.

First of all, incorrect balancing. Drums sounds badly in front of the mix. Rhythms borrowed. Lead and background(swell) guitars obviously out of tune(strings timing issue), as a result dissonance.

Can't say anything about instruments choice. I don't care about genre and what instruments "should" be there. If I like something, I use it.

Overall I'm kinda surprised. So many issues.. Still, posted.

but listening other later remixes, i understand why

Once again THANKS EVERYONE, who said such kind words here, who helped me, who posted this and who listened!

I'll try to improve myself a bit more.


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I love the build up in this track, especially at 2:48 and the riffs at 3:20! :D

While both versions give off a sense of danger, Mak's remix feels a lot more urgent and powerful whereas the original stays more or less at the same strength throughout the entire track and there's no real climax. (Almost like being trapped in the same stage and over and over and over again failing to get passed the monotony...) Mak also seemed to emphasis the little contemplative section (1:00 - 1:10), which is one of the best, stand-out parts of the original.

And you want to make more Ecco mixes?! :D YEH just awesome! ^__^

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02460 - Ecco: The Tides of Time (GEN) "Hypnotica"

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