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OCR02465 - Xenogears "You and I"


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Well, I AM the guy who did "Home Again" LOL!

I lol'd.

I have a soft spot for this source, and some of the rearrangements of it out there. I think Dale did a nice job with this take on it, albeit sans vocals, which leaves a bit of a hole at times with the given arrangement. The song still feels heartfelt, retaining and enhancing that aspect of the original in some ways while having a Dale North feel to it. I only wish it were longer and soared to another level like the original did.

Great job on this R&Bish take!

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It's been too long since my last Dale North fix. Hard to believe I've been obsessing over this guy's stuff for over a decade. Listening to this mix takes me back to the fields of Prontera in RO for some reason. Thanks for the upload, it's beautiful.

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