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Yooooowoohoo, I remember this!! :D About time, dude, congrats!!

It's so candid, reminds me of a lil' dollhouse halloween(?!) party or something. Really cool!

You know, I'm really glad you persisted so much on getting posted here, and I wish you the best of success from now on. So, if you get rejected once after this, and then again, and again, quite seriously, don't cha ever give up on whatever goal you'd set up... Believe me, I suppose that comes out as some strange vanilla advice, but just take into account that this frog has some similar story to tell ;)

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Great to see you posted CJ! You've always toed a fine line with your synth styles, often falling just short, but personally I enjoy the retro feel of your tracks immensely, and definitely agree with Larry's points about the MOD-sounding parts.

I also love that you remix the most obscure sources, so kudos for remixing a game I've never heard of! I did play Bubsy though, so I think I'll have a listen to that soundtrack now ;)

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I'll be honest, I wasn't feeling this at the start, but the longer this ReMix went on, the more I began to like it. It really seemed to pull everything together shortly after the first minute. Very charming in a retro kind of way, mixing the quirky synths, the drums and the weird, but sorta happy melody. Not bad for your debut mixpost.

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