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RWS 1-2 - ReMixing With the Stars: Season 1 Episode 2: Origins of Home Gaming

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Season 1, Episode 2: "Origins of Home Gaming"


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Voting is closed! Results are below.

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  1. First Place: "2 Sizes, 4 Swords, 8 Bits" by Kuolema feat. wildfire, with 21 points.
  2. Second Place: "Remembering the Storm" by TheRexAsaurous feat. Dafydd, with 17 points.
  3. Third Place: "A Passing Dream 2" by Tuberz McGee feat. ectogemia, with 14 points.
  4. Fourth Place: "Cool Side of the Mountain" by Cash and Change feat. urdailywater, with 8 points.


This month's theme pays homage to two noteworthy events. The first is the launch of Nintendo's new console, and it can't be argued that the NES was the first home console to bring fully recognized video game scores into the home. This year is also the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Atari 2600, the first successful home video game console of all. So the theme this month is Origins of Home Gaming! All mixes should either:

  1. Be based on a source or sources from a console or PC game (not arcade game) released on or before October 18, 1985 (the launch day for the NES in the U.S., or
  2. Use any source, and pay auditory homage to games of that era. Using especially primitive chiptunes, in whole or in part, is one valid approach, but feel free to be creative.

Remixes should not be judged based on how well they apply the theme, it's just a guideline.


About ReMixing With the Stars

ReMixing With the Stars is intended to give beginning remixers some support, encouragement, and mentoring in their quest to become great, and as a sidenote, to become posted remixers. Beginners are mentored by experienced remixers to push their abilities to new heights and submit collaborative works according to the theme of the month.

Who's a "Star" and who's a "Novice?"

Any posted or accepted-to-be-posted remixer, as the only artist or as the lead arranger on a piece, is automatically considered a "Star." This isn't meant to be a statement on who's a "good" or "expert" artist, but it's a somewhat meaningful threshhold which doesn't require any subjective judgment on my part (however subjective the OCR judging process may be). Additionally, anyone who wants to sign up as a Star can also be put into that category. This is because a lot more "Novices" (who is everyone else) sign up than stars, and it's better to receive some mentoring from someone who's good but not posted than from no one at all.

If you've done any of the following things, as examples, I strongly recommend you sign up as a Star:

  • Contributed to an OCR album
  • Had a submitted remix rejected but with one or more "Yes" votes
  • Beat a posted remixer in direct competition (not counting forfeit)
  • Sold your compositions (remixes or not) for money

If you want to sign up conditionally (e.g. "I'd prefer to be a Novice, but if you need me to be a Star so more people can participate, that's fine too"), then go ahead, and bless you.


  • Enrollment/Pairings: For episode 2 and onward, pairings will be a little different. They'll still be first-come, first-served, except that Novices who participated in a previous episode get priority. This is so that the community can watch a consistent group of OCR newcomers grow in skills as the season progresses. (Don't worry, this won't carry over into next season, so people won't be matriculated through forever. In fact, for Season 2, Episode 1, priority will be exactly the other way around, with Season 1 participants getting lower preference for slots.) As before, once the signup deadline is reached, whichever list of signups has more people in it will be truncated, based on order of priority as described above, so the lists are the same size. Then Novices will be randomly paired with Stars, except that Novice-Star pairings won't be repeated twice in a season.
  • Mixes: The Novice must be the primary remixer. Stars can contribute by giving advice, playing a live instrument or vocals, and with production, including minor adjustments to fix timing or dissonance issues. They may also contribute a short solo segment. No one other than the Novice and Star may help in any way.
  • Submissions: All entries must be sent to me by the 12PM PDT deadline via PM on the forums, with a link to a reliable host for me to download your mix from. Please don't use Tindeck, as it doesn't give you control over what the filename will be when downloaded. I also recommend you post in this thread that you've submitted your mix, since I know there have been issues in other compos with PM's not being received. Please submit your file as an mp3, preferably encoded at a high-quality VBR or 320kbps. Filenames must be in the following format:
    Novice feat. Star - Title (Game).mp3
    MindWanderer feat. djpretzel - The World's Worst ReMix (Pong).mp3
    Proper file names mean I can do my job of getting the compliation done and posted faster, which means you get to hear the great music produced by this sooner.


All deadlines are 12 PM (noon) Pacific time (PST).

  • Signups until Wednesday, November 7, 1200 PST. If you're signing up as a Novice, and didn't sign up for a previous episode, you must post links to at least two samples of your previous work! They don't have to be good, they don't even have to be game remixes, you just have to prove you're not brand-spanking-new to this music production thing. Things you've posted to the WIP forum are preferable but not required. If you're signing up as a Star, say a little bit about your strengths, and maybe post a link or three to remixes you feel best represent them. You can mention anything else you think would be helpful in working with you (software preferences, instruments you play, etc).
  • Announcement of the pairings and theme on Nov. 7. The theme will be broad enough to allow many, many options, serving mainly as a unifying factor. It's announced later so that no one gets a head start.
  • ReMixing from Nov. 7 to Wednesday, Nov. 21, 1200 PST (2 weeks). Rules and guidelines above.
  • Voting from whenever I get the compilation posted (should be no more than a few hours after the deadline) until Wednesday, Nov. 28, 1200 PST. Votes should be based on, in roughly descending order, use of source (i.e. interpreted but recognizable), arrangement, production, and enjoyability. How appropriate the submission was for the theme shouldn't be considered (since this is easier for option A than option B). You'll pick your three favorites, in order. Your first-place vote will get 3 points, your second-place 2 points, and your third-place 1 point. Participants (both Novices and Stars) may not vote for their own mixes, but participants who vote will get a free first-place vote added to their score. Please send me a PM with your votes, like this:
    1. First-place ReMix
    2. Second-place ReMix
    3. Third-place ReMix

Thanks for your interest, and lets get this show on the road!

Previous Episodes

  • [thread=40611]Pilot Episode: "Beginnings"[/thread]
  • [thread=41556]Season 1, Episode 1: "Spooky!"[/thread]

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Note that the enrollment/pairings process is slightly altered from Episode 1. It doesn't really affect what you have to do to sign up (although we don't need samples of your work if we got them last time), but you should be aware.

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I'll sign up as a novice, though I'm willing to sit this one out if the pairings are uneven, or someone new wants to give it a go.

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I'll sign up as a novice again since I should have enough time to participate this round.

Awesome that so many stars are signing up this time!

Btw, is there a set amount of time that season 1 is going to run for or has it not been decided?

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I have a feeling there could never be too many stars, so I'd like to sign up as a star too. I guess having songs on a couple of future albums gives me a good enough qualification. :)

My preferred genre is rock/hard rock, though I'm open for all sorts of genres. I have a guitar and a bass at my disposal, if anyone who's paired with me needs some recordings.

DAWs I use are FL Studio and Reaper, but having those wouldn't be a requirement for collaboration since I'd prefer working with wavs/midis rather than project files.

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You guys are awesome!

Btw, is there a set amount of time that season 1 is going to run for or has it not been decided?
Barring unforeseen circumstances, the plan is:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Special episode 3 event

Episode 4

Episode 5

Special episode 6 season finale

Season 2, episode 1

... etc.

So, 6-month seasons to keep participants rotating, with special events every 3 months to spice things up and try out some different formats.

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Have you considered using dasauce for the voting? Might make things easier overall :-)
You know, the one time I tried to vote for a PRC, I wasn't able to get my DaSauce account working and I gave up. I don't want anyone to not vote because of it taking an extra step, and with only a dozen or so people voting each month, it's pretty easy to tally up by hand. Which I'd have to do at least partially anyway, since voting participants get a bonus vote for their own mix.

However, I intend to submit to the current PRC myself, so I'll learn a little more about DaSauce in the process and may change my mind.

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I've been needing a push to get back in the game. This should be just the ticket! Sign me up as a novice, please. :)

If the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet was any indication, I like playing with a variety of styles, but haven't really found a voice in any...

EDIT: Not sure if it's pertinent, but Reason is my DAW of choice.

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