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OCR Secret Santa 2012 - the PMs are out!


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I'll join.

I like Sonic the Hedgehog a lot.

I'm a Christian.

I am married with a 16-month-old daughter.

I love vinyl records.

I enjoy progressive music in any genre.

I have a Wii and an old Sega Genesis.

I like Legos and otherwise building things of any kind (I made a keytar once out of an old 80s Casio keyboard and a Guitar Hero controller).

EDIT: oh yeah I play drums and piano. I love percussion instruments but don't really have many of them. I also enjoy singing and sometimes rapping.

I can't really think of anything else.

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Count me in yet again. This time I'll be a little more specific.

IF YOU ARE SENDING ME A GIFT, TELL BAHAMUT WHEN YOU PLAN ON SENDING IT. I will be leaving this address on Dec. 18th until the end of MAGFest, so I want to get it when it arrives.

Again, I don't expect you to get everything or anything I mention, but it gives you a good idea of what to get if you're on a budget.

-I'm getting into buying more books (no specifics yet). Barnes & Noble is my main store of choice.

-The only system I have on hand right now is a 3DS. My Sega Dreamcast, original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Wii are at my parents' house. If you are thinking about what games I'm interested in, PM Bahamut and I'll get back to him/you.

-T-Shirt wise: I'm a size Large (L) male in the US. Don't know about the rest of the world.

-No candy, please! I'm trying to lose weight.

-iTunes or GameStop gift cards are always appreciated!

-Crafts or anything you can make are welcome, but don't make them too big. I barely have enough room as is.

EDIT: Stealing Rexy's idea and putting up my Steam Wishlist. It would be much bigger, but game developers tend to ignore Macs...

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For whoever draws me, I'm open to getting almost anything -- I'm yet to receive a gift I haven't loved. If you'd like to go the video game route or find yourself struggling for options, I have a PC (see my Steam wishlist -- League of Legends stuff is also very welcome), 360), and Wii, and utilize them in roughly that order.

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Just a reminder, today is the last day of signups! Sometime past midnight, I will start PMing people their Secret Santa recipients - this year, my method of matching people up is done via custom randomizer in Javascript I built that creates a nicely formatted page for me with no missing or duplicate matchups.

If people want, they can also trade their matchups to spice things up as well, although I'd only recommend doing so if they're truly stumped or if they happen to get matched with me.

And for whoever happens to get me, here's my preferences:

I love video games, mainly PC and 3DS these days. I am a huge metalhead, mostly heavy/power metal. I love to run, and in dire need of cold weather running gear. I wear men's Large, am not a fan of clothing with jokes or anything else that tries to be too fancy except through standard high class fashion. I also love food, especially sugary stuff. I like surprises and am generally appreciative of best efforts though!

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Holy crap, it took me 10 hours to get the randomizer working - I learned the hard way a programming lesson about Javascript and equating arrays causing them to be equated by reference.

But I got it working and it works magnificantly!

Amusingly, when I ran the first correct randomizing, it originally matched kitty having diotrans - of course that doesn't fly! :razz:

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Alright, so the PMs are out!

I'm so glad I coded a website to do all of the matching & displaying of handles, names, addresses, and suggestions people listed - this took a lot less time for me to send all of the PMs out than all of the previous years.

Go come up with great things!

Edit: If anyone wants to see how I did the matchings, I have a page up here - the one that appears for your loading of the page is different from what I got from it though so I'm not revealing any secrets here :) .

Edit #2: Oh, I shouldn't actually reveal it - it has addresses on there.

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I swear I typed this up and hit send already .. maybe it was a late night.

I realize that I've become a lurker this past year: only 11 posts since last year's SS. Shame on me. But, if you consider my post(s) last year as sort of a new year's resolution, then I've definitely kept it. I bought 3 games at release this year. Woohoo!

Anyway, onto my vital SS statistics. I prefer practicality over prettiness, so lean towards something useful if you're stumped. Somebody handmade me a plush Cactuar in a previous OCR SS (which I loved), so remember that it's only a preference. I dig gaming, music, Phillies baseball, Flyers hockey, and things to entertain my girlfriend (nothing crude). I'd prefer no new games since I have plenty to play right now, but Steam wishlist because everyone else is. Snacks and candy are good too, but avoid chocolate if possible.

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Got the PM!!

I have a few special surprises in store for my Secret Santa. I'm also going to do a bit of extra (very harmlses) investigating to make sure he/she will enjoy my bonus gift. :)

Edit: to the person who got me, please note that anything will suffice. I'm not picky at all, and regardless of what the gift is I'll definitely find a way of utilizing it. Looking very forward to it :D

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