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Here's a link directly to the Team OverClocked ReMix page on the FAH webpage For those of you that don't know, FAH stands for Folding @ Home. Full information can be obtained here: http://fo

Guess Covid gave this a boost the past year. Glad to see people still fighting the good fight.

Am I the only one having connection problems? I noticed I was getting a bit more behind Ickes than usual, so I go to check my logs and it's been trying to reconnect for who knows how long. It's happening on my other PCs, too. This is what my log shows:

[16:53:46] + Benchmarking ...

[16:53:49] - Preparing to get new work unit...

[16:53:49] + Attempting to get work packet

[16:53:49] - Connecting to assignment server

[16:53:49] - Successful: assigned to (

[16:53:49] + News From Folding@Home: Welcome to Folding@Home

[16:53:49] Loaded queue successfully.

[16:53:50] Error: Got status code 503 from server

[16:53:50] + Could not connect to Work Server

[16:53:50] - Error: Attempt #1 to get work failed, and no other work to do.

Waiting before retry.

It goes on forever.

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Am I the only one having connection problems? I noticed I was getting a bit more behind Ickes than usual, ...

You can have a chance to catch up this weekend if you can get connected... there was a thunderstorm as I was leaving work today, so we had to turn off the 3 computers I had running it.. they won't be back on til monday morning. :wink:

I just checked, and it says we're in the top 1,000 teams, 998 to be specific, so now its official! :nicework:

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The only firewall I have, technically, is my router.

I use the console version, I guess I can try downloading that again..


No go.. this is lame.

Do a virus scan. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. After the virus was deleted, things went back to normal for me.

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I use AVG and always have it updated and running.. there are no viruses. :(

That sucks. Maybe you should present your case at F@H forums. I am sure they will able to help you out more so than the rest of us. I haven't heard of AVG before so I am not sure if that program also detects and removes spyware and/or adware. You can use ad aware and spybot for that. That might help.

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I have had a couple of instances where AVG Free didn't detect a virus. You may want to try another anti-virus program as well to make sure it comes up negative. ClamWin is open source and free. It's slower than a lot of engines and you have to manually take care of the infected file, but it seems to do a pretty good job actually detecting the stuff.

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