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RECRUITING! - Super Dr. Mario RPG - Tracklist up, start claiming!


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Several years after the onslaught of Smithy, life was peaceful in the Mushroom Kingdom... or as peaceful as it ever gets. But out of nowhere, a strange malady began crossing the land, and citizens fell sick from viruses that nobody could find a cure for! Native animals, instead of falling sick, began attacking everything!

Mario and Peach saw the obvious need to don their scrubs once more. As they visited old friends and locales, they put Mario’s virus-busting skills to work. While their efforts seemed temporarily successful, the mysterious Valentina began offering a permanent cure that worked instantly on every test subject.

Our heroes knew something was up, so they struck out to truly find out what was going on. Can our heroes find out the truth behind the virus attack? (Certainly!) Will old friends Mallow, Geno, and even Bowser join the fray to assist? (Of course, maybe, and who the heck knows) Is Valentina trying to help or is she up to something shady like before? (Take a wild guess) Is someone else possibly steering events and manipulating things from behind the scenes for their own benefit? ($50 says it’s the Axem Rangers)

Find out in Super Dr. Mario RPG, the delightful sequel to Nintendo and Square’s classic team-up!


Is that a real thing? Of course not; it's just a sick awesome scenario DarkeSword came up with. But he and I would both like to see an album based around this concept. Since he's hard at work on the Final Fantasy V project and a whooole bunch of other stuff, I'm attempting to head this particular project up with his support.

As the fictional sequel to Super Mario RPG with a Dr. Mario-flavored plot, the idea here is a Mario series project with SMRPG and Dr. Mario themes prevalent throughout the album. Artists can choose to remix themes from those two games directly, or they can choose to remix a track from anywhere else in the Mario franchise. When remixing a track specifically from SMRPG, a Dr. Mario leitmotif should be used in the track to keep the two series tied together. When remixing a track from anywhere else in the Mario-verse, either an SMRPG or Dr. Mario leitmotif should appear somewhere. The themes of the two primary series for the project should remain prevalent throughout the album.

The album will tell its story through the track titles, so this also means that while people on the project can obviously choose what they want or prefer to remix, there has to be some consideration as to where their remix will fit in the "story". As a result of this, I'll also have to work with everyone on creating a legit story beyond the quick plot above. I feel fairly confident that the story can be written around the choice of remix and not the other way around, so as to not have to force people to be told what they should remix and in what style.

I have every intention for this to be an official OCR album down the line, which also means that though this is being framed as an RPG soundtrack, we're not talking lofi repetitive VGM here, or original tracks. It's a remix album first and foremost, before any other consideration.

One thing I'd like to make clear here is that this is not simply "a Super Mario RPG remix project". There's already two of those. (and the second one's shaping up very nicely!) This is a Mario franchise album, with a serious focus on both SMRPG and Dr. Mario, and is very unique in what it's aiming for. This is why there's such a push to include leitmotifs from those games if you remix an unrelated track, or to include a Dr. Mario leitmotif if you remix an SMRPG track. Those interested should keep this and everything I've mentioned so far in mind as they create their tracks.

Several people are on-board already, but I’d obviously love to recruit a lot more to get involved. If you’re at all interested in contributing to this project, feel free to speak up! If you've not actually officially done mixes before, you may still be able to get on board, but I'd need to hear a WIP to get a handle on what you can do before I can officially add you.


The tracks immediately below are the current setup for our pseudo RPG, ordered by plot location; keep going underneath the list below for a bunch of extra tracks that aren't ordered yet. Each line starts with where the song fits in the plot, followed by the tracks to be remixed and the game they come from, then links to sources on Youtube where available, and finally who's claimed the track.

For tracks below that aren't from Super Mario RPG or Dr. Mario, remember that a leitmotif from one of the two games needs to be used somewhere in the mix to keep the album's theme strong throughout. Also remember that since SMRPG and FFIX were Square titles, you cannot use samples or actual audio from those games in any mix on this album.

Note that this is all fluid. If you claim a track in the plot and then feel a different song from any game in the Mario franchise would work better there, we can move stuff around. Nobody's locked into anything.

Immediately below this portion of the tracklist is a list of people who have offered their services for people looking to collaborate.

Title Theme: Title Theme (Dr. Mario)/Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure (Super Mario RPG) -


Mario's Theme: Menu Theme (Dr. Mario) -

Mushroom Kingdom: Story Mode 4 (Dr. Mario 64) -

- Claimed by therex

Celebration: Buenos Aires (Mario is Missing) - Source

Panic: Red Comet (Super Mario Galaxy) - Source - Claimed by Argle

Monster Battle: Fight Against Monsters (Super Mario RPG) -

- Claimed by DarkeSword

Peach's Theme: Ladida Plains 1/2 (Super Princess Peach) -

- Claimed by Brandon Strader

Virus Battle 1: Fever (Dr. Mario) -

- Claimed by theshaggyfreak

Virus Battle 2: Chill (Dr. Mario)/Ice Land (Super Mario Bros. 3) -

- Claimed by Rexy

Boss Battle: Fight Against a Somewhat Stronger Monster (Super Mario RPG) -

Valentina's Theme: Margarie Margarita (Super Mario RPG) -

- Claimed by Wiesty

Important Discussion: Soft Light (Super Paper Mario)/Poshley Heights - Inner Sanctum (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door) -

- Claimed by Arrow

Geno's Theme: Geno Awakens (Super Mario RPG) -

Mallow's Theme: Let's Do the Fluff-Fluff! (Super Mario RPG) -

Bowser's Theme: Bowser (Super Mario Bros. 3) -

- Claimed by DarkDjinn

Axem Rangers' Theme: The Axem Rangers Drop In (Super Mario RPG) -

- Claimed by Chimpazilla and Plasuma!!!

Dodo's Theme: Dodo's Coming!! (Super Mario RPG) -

Smithy's Resurrection: The Underwhere (Super Paper Mario) -

Bonus Boss: Battle 1 (Final Fantasy IX) -

Final Virus Battle: Vs. Rudy (Dr. Mario 64) -

Final Dungeon: Weapons Factory (Super Mario RPG) -

Final Boss: Fight Against Smithy 1 (Super Mario RPG) -

- Claimed by DarkDjinn

Ending: Credits (Dr. Mario 64)/Happy Parade, Delightful Parade (Super Mario RPG) -


Location: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG) -

- Claimed by MindWanderer

Location: Hard-Working Moles are Good Moles (Super Mario RPG) -

- Claimed by Esperado

Location: Plack Beach (Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story) -

- Claimed by Mirby, conditional on colab

Black - Open

Red - Claimed

Purple - Initial WIP

Blue - Significant WIP

Green - Done

People offering collab services - MC Final Sigma (rapping), DragonAvenger (vocals), BrothaDom (rapping), J. Lawrence Kenny [Orangedragan] (vocals), DarkDjinn (guitar)


The stuff below this paragraph is completely open. We just want a track or two from most of these games. The only real limitation here is that the track you choose to remix needs to work as a visitable location in a fake RPG since these will be locations the heroes visit in our plot. Past that, the remixer can choose whatever song they want from whatever game in this list, and multiple remixers can choose the same game here.

As an additional reminder from above, remember that a leitmotif from Super Mario RPG or Dr. Mario needs to be used somewhere in mixes not from those games, to keep the theme of the album tied together. Also remember that since SMRPG was a Square title, you cannot use samples or actual audio from that game as part of the leitmotif used in any mix below.

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario World

Yoshi's Island

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land 2

Any New Super Mario Bros. title

Paper Mario

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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With much help from DarkeSword and ocre, as well as half a day at my job yesterday where I had no work to do, we now have a tracklist up in the OP. Those of you still interested, see what strikes your fancy! As you'll read in the explanations there, things are very open if you have a particular song outside of the listed tracks you'd like to tackle instead.

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This is an awesome concept! If anyone needs a rapper, I'm down. In particular, I think the "Virus Battle 2" would be a great rap track, as well as Bowser's theme and the somewhat stronger boss battle theme. I also like Mallow's theme for the weather puns. Anyway, I'll do whatever, hit me up, and good luck with this!


1) Do you guys have a plot worked out beyond the teaser, or would the contributors be in some ways co-authoring it?

2) Gotta work in a Luigi cameo somehow in the parade at the end, Mario RPG-style, and

3) This theme should find a way into this album:

I would love to see it in a corny Monster Mash/Love Shack-style... if that makes sense... Would be happy to contribute!

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Man, I'm horrible at replies.

MC Final Sigma: Contributors are free to chime in as they feel free, but the plot we're making won't end up being incredibly detailed; it's not like anyone's going to write an entire fanfiction to get this across. It'll be just enough to allow the tracklist to make sense. I suppose the Luigi thing is quite feasible, if whoever grabs that track is willing to toss in a cameo of a Luigi-related song in there. As for the Disco Boo Rave music, that would be amazing! But someone would need to decide to mix it first!

Both of you: Do either of you have previous work you can link so I can hear what kind of stuff you've done? If you don't have anything available, I am actually accepting newcomers on this project, though I'd need to hear an initial WIP before I can officially throw you in the list in the OP.

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Here are two examples of my work rapping on some excellent beats by Sir Jordanius. I think they demonstrate that I enjoy using a range of styles and voices! I also do harder-core stuff but don't have a quality example of that atm.


- Am the main rapper here (Super Mario Sunshine)


- Am the second, higher-pitched rapper here (Sonic Adventure)

So, yeah, I do have some ideas in mind for specific tracks, noted below, but as I can only rap, I won't be producing any WIPs or anything. But I am a resource if someone wants to collab on a rap track! Hit me up!

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Been forever since this has been updated, but now that some of the original timing issues are out of the way, it's time to buckle down and get some claims in. Anyone who's still interested, take a look at the OP post! The claims list there is now up to date as of this post.

MC Final Sigma: Impressive stuff. If you're still on board to rap for anyone who needs it, that's perfectly fine with me.

Mark Stothard: Geno's still available. Do you have any previous work you can link so I can hear your style?

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