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OCR02648 - Metroid "Mission Complete: Ending Suite"

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So this guy is in the professional music industry, right? Like, writing scores for big movies and video games?

Because he should be if not. This is good.

edit: ok, I will say that maybe the production could have been upped in some cases, like I feel like some instruments could have had more of an impact in their sections. And maybe some better stereo separation throughout the song so that it just feels like a wider orchestra. But these small things are so small, some people might not agree, and this is a absolutely fantastic song regardless of those. :)

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Yay for Choir! It's nice that some of it was slipped in. You can't have an epic orchestrated version of anything without throwing in some "ahs!" from a choir.

Some of it sounded like we were going to jump into the Jurassic Park theme though. Nevertheless, it was still amazing!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02648 - Metroid "Mission Complete: Ending Suite"

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