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OCR Cribs ;)

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Yep, it's high time for a new one of these threads. With Christmas over, I wonder why analoq didn't make a new one, so I guess I'll start one.

-Remember, more pics, less equipment lists-

My studio:





Argosy Console workspace,

a p4, 2 gig of ram xp pro compy,

cme 61 key controller,

2 24 inch lcds,

Event studio 8 monitors,


Mackie headphone amp,

(2) Ultrasone HFI 700 headphones,

Ibanez bass (on the floor; no stand :cry: ),

Roland Fantom s88,

Alesis Quadrasynnth 60,

Komplete 3,

Cubase SL3 (neex3),


EWQLSO silver,

small fortune in cables,

and a bit more.


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A little before/after:





The rest of my equipment:

Synthesizer Rack (Yamaha MU-15, E-MU XL-1, E-MU Virtuoso 2000, Dynacord ADS 2MB sampler, Yamaha RY-30 Rhythm Module)

Guitars (Johnson Fender Strato, Sankai Concert)

Some Closeups/higher resolutions:

80% finished setup (did I already say that I hate those courtains?! This setup will be changed eventually)

LCDs in relation to the keyboard (I know it looks dusty, but you try to get that away from old devices with that type of cases!)

And I can play "pimp-daddy", too:

Several Boxes from Sequencers, VSTi and Hardware

In this particular picture, most the stuff that I bought online is missing (I'll make DVD boxes for it: Rayzoon Jamstix, MusicLab RealGuitar, ReBirth 2.x, several filters, etc), not to mention the "Siedlaczek Box" I recently aquired.

Also not on the picture is a surround setup I borrowed from a friend to do some tests (which is setup to my feet, and to the left/right of the LCDs), and of course for final check of mastered mixes on a 2.1 system.

Soon to be added:

- a ESI 8x8 MIDI Module (the M-Audio MIDIsport 4x4 isn't large enough anymore)

- a "MIDIbox SID" (will build that around mid spring, already have the SID chip)

- Behringer Control (Rotary and/or Fader)

- some sonic foam

- definitely a new amplifier

More info, including a slightly outdated equipment and reference list, as usual on my homepage (will be updated soon).

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To be honest, Zoola... I don't like it there (even though I have better access to the software synths, etc). The desk is higher than my old one (80cm instead of 65cm), which makes stuff a bit uncomfortable. Also the desk is wider, which makes it impossible to setup the keyboard left of the desk. My "studio" is still a living room/studio hybrid. If I had a dedicated room, I'd setup everything in a "U" or "L" form or something like that, but I don't have the space.

I'm also curious, if I really want to get a Behringer Rotary and/or Fader, where to put that, unless I get a desk add on or a small sideboard (or remove the PC keyboard, but then where to put that, and only one mixer has room for it there).

I really like the desk, always what I wanted in terms of speaker setup, etc. But definitly not cool if you write music, and you want to have a mixing environment (digital), too. Unless somebody gives me a digital mixer desk, rather than an analog one (for automation, etc).

This is why I wrote "setup will be changed eventually", which means "it will for sure". Just don't know when. I don't have a BFC/BFR yet. Hm... I might look into "sequencer controllers" or something like that...

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27" 1024x768 LCD TV. Crisp as nails.

Sorry Xerol, but how can this screen be LCD if the borders of the screen indicate that this is a CRT screen/TV hybrid (a friend of mine has a Pioneer VGA/16:9 flatscreen TV hybrid, which is why I'm a bit puzzled)? LCDs are usually flat. Then again, CRTs show the "Hz flickering" in worst cases on pictures.

Can you clear us up "what" this thing exactly is?

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27" 1024x768 LCD TV. Crisp as nails.

Sorry Xerol, but how can this screen be LCD if the borders of the screen indicate that this is a CRT screen/TV hybrid

The shape and thickness of the TV scream "OMG CRT!!" as well, since it's been a decade or two since LCD screens were that big.

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