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27" 1024x768 LCD TV. Crisp as nails.

Sorry Xerol, but how can this screen be LCD if the borders of the screen indicate that this is a CRT screen/TV hybrid

The shape and thickness of the TV scream "OMG CRT!!" as well, since it's been a decade or two since LCD screens were that big.

My brother picked it up for $5 used (the power button was broken, 2 minutes of soldering and it was good as new). It's an LCD projection TV, and it's about 10-12 years old, according to my brother. I don't know the exact specs on it.

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my room - less room and more cupboard actually - it's tiny!

here are some pictures of my musical stuff...not much, actually.







EDIT: hey Sixto we have the same soundcard :lol: yay

edit EDIT: and i love the touch of redrum. classy.

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Updated pic... sorry for the negative pic.

So you'll find:

Kurzweil K2000VP+64MB (os 3.54j)+scsi zip

Motif 6 classic+64MB+shared scsi zip+smartmedia 128MB

2 yamaha old EMT10 AWM expander and EME-1(reverb/delay)

Peavey 16/2 Mixer

Roland XV-5050+SRX 06+SRX 09

Yamaha FB-01

Silent Violin HBV-400 (nice coupling with gitar rig 2)

Roland MT-32

Roland CM32L

Luna I/O Box 24/96

Mackie 12 vlzpro

Korg Triton+64MB+EXB-MOSS+( crappy EXB PCM-08 )

Line 6 Variax 300

Yamaha P210S

Yamaha RX17

Roland MC303

Edirol PCR30

Yamaha RM1X

Roland MC-909+256MB+SRX 01

Roland TD3-S

Other side of the homestudio:

Old Gretsch Catalina w paiste2000 cymbals and custom toms.

Pc parts:


Creamware Pulsar 2

Common Softs: BFD,DFHS, SX3, Giastudio 3, Reason 3 Guitar Rig 2 and SoundForge 7.

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The lower half of your Kurzweil K2K looks so new (compared to mine), djlc. DId you get a new cover after the OS3.x upgrade?

And did I already say (I guess I did in the old thread) that I envy you? You still got the Roland XV5050. It got discontinued all of a sudden andI don't want to get the XV2080 (8,5" racks are just not my thing).

Then again... I got so much software synth material lately, I'd rather spend more money on a Receptor. XD

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About the Kurz's lower half: old cover but news stickers. Can't remember where i found them.

About the 5050, you're right, it's now difficult to found one. The 5080 is better but no-usb interface and twice the 5050's price.

As you said, today there's a bunch of softsynth and i'm waiting with some fear the Korg Legacy Edition of Triton. Dunno if Korg plan to emulate the MOSS synthesis or not. It's only for MOSS capabilities that i've kept the Triton. If i find a decent Z1 i'll take it.

In the future, i think i'll sell everything, or most of keyboard except the K2000 and P120 for a Korg Oasys or an Openlabs machine (Neko76 or OMX24).

But dunno if i'll be able to sell my beloved keyboards :)

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I will never trade my K2000 in, not even for a K2600 (okay, maybe cause it has weighted keys, but only if I can get a K2000R and K2500R for dirt cheap).

And my Proteus Racks? Can hardly wait till EMU releases their new USB MIDI Hub bundled with the Proteus X2, then I'll add the Terratec Komplexer (has the "micro Q" built in) and maybe Novation with the Bass-Station or the impOSCar - then I'm stuffed with synths. Like I said... I should really take a look at the Muse Research Receptor. But first I need some money.

Mo' pics, less equipment lists! ;)

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I'm not a remixer, but I feel the need to show off ;)


Left to right: Teisco ET-200 (1963), Custom Strat, Yamaha FG-04 LTD, Orville Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, ESP LTD EC-400, BC Rich KKV, Ibanez GSR200


Top to bottom: 100w Marshall JMP (1979), Furman PL-Plus II, BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i, Korg DTR-1000, Line6 Pod Pro

The Strat now has EMGs, and I've gone back to using pedals with my JMP, instead of the Line6.. for now, at least.

Hopefully I'll add an Orville by Gibson SG soon ;)

Full list of my gear here: http://majingeo.no-ip.com/gear

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