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Big Giant Circles - new album The Glory Days officially released!

big giant circles

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Hey BGC,

backer here. I'm so looking forward to this new album!

I'm considering upping my plegde to be PART OF THE ALBUM. I just want to ask some questions for this tier:

* Would I also receive the image file with the pixelized avatar?

* Could I use this avatar in forums etc?

* Is there anything more awesome than pixel art and chiptunes? ;-P

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Hey Jandalf!

Yes, you'll absolutely receive the image file for your new pixelly face and be free to use it in any way you like, it will be yours!

And lastly, well, I'd like to say no, but video games and even non-chiptuney video game music comes close. And also cheese. :)


Also, I have done a lousy job of updating the project so that I can effectively lay out stretch goals and such, but I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple people so that I can 100% lock down my stretch goals before I post them. I do not want to put myself in a position of announcing a goal only to have it fall through because I didn't verify someone's availability/commitment :)

But at any rate, I expect that Big Giant Official Update will drop in the next day or two.

Again, thank you all SO much for the kind words and support. :)

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Thank you for your answer. Consider my pledge upped!

Now I'm looking forward to this album even more! Will throwing money at my screen get me your album any faster? It doesn't seem to work here... Well, I'll have to wait, me thinks.

And cheese? Not chocolate? I mean, COME ON! CHOCOLATE! (I'm bad at humor)


Just saw BT as an artist for the extended album... WOW! Please let him be a real guest artist. Please?

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Just saw BT as an artist for the extended album... WOW! Please let him be a real guest artist. Please?

I actually did have the good fortune to meet him in person at the VGL concert in Houston earlier this year, and I had the good pleasure of talking to him about chiptunes and FL Studio (he's a fan of both!). But chances are... very very slim that he'll accept my invitation I think ;)

He is an INCREDIBLY nice guy though!

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I only now watched the video, and it was pretty good! Fun, too. The endorsements were a bit generic though. But the previews sounded good & my daughter was jamming along.

Props for sticking with "Big Giant Circles" btw, instead of abandoning a great moniker and just going by your real name like some who've gone professional. ;)


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