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OCR02757 - Final Fantasy VI "Bad Octopus"


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I love Fishy's work, so I was willing to give this a try, and now I'm really glad I did. The section around 1:30 is what really turned me on this - it's when the mix really hit me over the head and yelled, "Have fun with this, we're not taking things too seriously here!" and I really began enjoying the zany fun, like a rollercoaster that you give up trying to figure out where it's going and just start enjoying the ride with your hands in the air and spittle flying out of your mouth. Seriously, the section 4:00 to the end had me with a big, beaming smile across my face. That totally sums up the whole experience.

Bizarre, unique, and damn fun if you give it a chance. A great (carnival ride) time.

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Oh no! I'm stuck listening to Bad Octopus over and over again -- AGAIN. XD

There isn't any section that stands out as better than the rest. It's. All. Excellent. o_o Everything works so damn well and it all comes together as pure concentrated fun! :3 Just ohmygosh fun! :D

mm I do get pretty pumped at 2:57-3:20, while 0:30-0:50 gives me a big stupid grin. XD Proud! ^__^

And I love how the end isn't a simple fadeout, instead honouring another piece. A fadeout would've been okay, but I think the change-up works even better. :) The transition to it, too, just rocks! Smoooth :D

Awesome! ^__^ Awesome, everywhere!

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