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OCR02766 - Final Fantasy VI 'Ghetto Palm'

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I really liked the analogue feel to the synths, and the deliberate sparseness, they combine to quite a beautiful effect. Also takes the source to a really cool direction, which I thought was both natural and surprising.

On the downside, I do have to agree with OA about the compression, it didn't sound very nice to me how the bass drum seems to scoop out the rest of the piece almost every time it hits. Well, aesthetically I wouldn't mind that much but on (these) headphones, I actually find it physically a bit uncomfortable.

Despite that, a great refreshing track and I always appreciate a new tune from Radiowar. This is also quite inspiring towards my own music making, makes me want to try a similar approach - and I think it'll be a challenge to make such a restrained arrangement without making it sound empty. Good stuff!


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Slick downbeat we have here. Yeah, this has some smooth, dreamy synth and bass work I can really get behind. While I also agree a bit with OA and kinda wish the compression wasn't quite so high, I can see the effect of it on the arrangement and I dig the idea quite a lot. Just a small puddle of an issue compared to the ocean that is this wonderful ReMix to me. Nice work as always, Radiowar.

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What really gets me is 2:15+. This is where the mix takes a somber, soul-searching turn. It's as if Setzer suddenly became acutely aware of something important deep in his heart. As he stares into the distance, he ponders his life, his choices, what his friend Darill meant to him, and what the future holds. The way the mix fades out as it continues its phrase makes it sound like the airship-bound gambler will fly higher and longer in his search for that meaningful something...

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