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Extra Credits new show Extra Remix

Melbu Frahma

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Can't wait for the sephfire episode, sephfire :P


Seriously, EC's Youtube channel is pretty much one of the only reasons I bother pulling up Youtube these days, between all three shows, and I'm really looking forward to getting introduced to some new remixers through it.

I'm think I'm going to keep a running list of episodes in my first post too, just for the hell of it.

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New Extra Remix featuring djpretzel!





Really love the show concept. YT comments were interesting... some folks didn't know I run OCR, which I guess means I'm doing something right, since it's not supposed to be about me. A few people dinged it for OMG TOO MUCH OCR and suggested Smooth McGroove had done more for VGM. Oh well.

Comments notwithstanding, love the show, love the format, and muchos gracias to Mr. sephfire for the kind words!

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