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OCR Secret Santa 2014


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I know what i put as what i wanted for Secret Santa. And i knew from the outset that it was probably far too much for anyone here to handle. But I spoke honestly and from the heart. I've overcome a lot of trials and troubles in the past few months. And all of my small problems have been handled by my own doing. I have bigger plans and dreams ahead of me now. Any help i can get to be able to work towards those will be greatly welcome.

So whoever ended up with mine. Good luck, god bless, and thank you.

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shipped my thing yesterday - I've never shipped international so hopefuly nothing messes up!

also, whoever has me... I found out somewhat recently that I won't have the address that I thought I did when I signed up for this! so this is incredibly painful and awkward. um. hopefully you haven't tried shipping anything and if you have hopefully it finds its way to me somehow but... shit. :tomatoface: maybe a digital thing would be safer, I included my steamid right?

at least my recipiant should be happy, I hope :3

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