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OCR03028 - Super Castlevania IV, CV: Lords of Shadow 1 & 2 'Oblivium Sempiternum Daemonis'

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i love orchestration rearrangements :) bombastic, huge, over-the-top. Had a hard time recognizing the themes but that's just on me. I liked how it felt like a final boss fight with the driving, the tension, the "releases" and how that was repeatedly used :)!!

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Every time I load up OCREMIX, I look for a couple of games in the latest remixes. Some of those are Castlevania games. I clicked this hoping as usual, but I wasn't ready for just how good this was and is. It blew my mind. Absolutely excellent work. All I can say is, thank you :) And if I may be bold enough, may I ask - please consider doing more Castlevania remixes! Streets of Rage, Street fighter, Final Fantasy 7 and all the typical others need your hand, too.

You brought out a lot of feelings in me, and here's proof:


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Sweet stuff, man. The orchestral elements of this mix sounds like it would fit in to a cinematic soundtrack to me, especially for credits or traveling scenes. Having the orchestrated konami jingle at the start was an awesome touch and I'm digging the vocal chants going on along with Vampire Killer's section near the end there. Damn good ReMix.

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Thanks guys! Feels good to get something on here again after so long.

Excellent work, RoeTaKa!

Damn Caleb it's been a real long time, hope you're doing well man.

I liked the choir also, EWQL Symphonic/VOTA?

The choir is from IK Multimedia's Miroslav Philharmonik.

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New review: This pushes OC ReMix's bar even higher in terms of orchestral remixes. The way you arranged the classic themes into LoS' style worked perfectly. The samples are of great quality and the arrangement is excellent. It's also super cool to see someone giving a shot to modern soundtracks. :) Man, I'll never tire from hearing the LoS Main Theme. Awesome job!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03028 - Super Castlevania IV, CV: Lords of Shadow 1 & 2 'Oblivium Sempiternum Daemonis'
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