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OCR03102 - Sonic Chaos (GG) & Sonic the Hedgehog (GG) 'Smooth Dream'


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Been a fan of illusen :) since that first Ecco the Dolphin post on the workshop. This is another case of smart, deliberately employed electronica, and still the organic elements - voice and guitar - end up being the highlights. I like the style of the guitaring, nice to hear this sort of stuff on OCR. Structure is good as well. The vocal harmony in the middle breakdown reminds me of something I used to listen to, quite pleasantly.. I feel like I need to go back to that.

The EQ is a bit harsh/bright for my ears, esp. on guitar and vocals. I keep checking the ending if my file download ended prematurely, but that's not a crit, it works. :)

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Beth's vocals go along with the flow of this ReMix extremely well. Smooth and airy, while the guitar keeps the mix grounded and solid to tie it together. The reverb and tone of this mix does work for the sound that was attempted, and sounds great. Nice collab.

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