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OCRA-0051 - Final Fantasy II: Rebellion

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A great album is the sum of its parts as much as any social movement or revolution is the culmination of efforts from brave individuals. The sheer amount of dedication that went into creating Rebellion will be difficult to properly appreciate; many of the involved artists worked on their music for months. Some of them worked on particular songs for over a year. At the end of this journey, it was the combined vision, talents, and dedication of each artist that created an album with its own personality. A smooth experience that seemingly has its own narrative, from one song to the next.

I'm eternally grateful to the artists that returned to work on Rebellion after the completion of the first album, Random Encounter. I am equally grateful to those who are making their first appearance, and those who have chosen to be on the final album covering Final Fantasy 3. Without your hard work and sacrifice, this album would not have been possible. To the fans - I hope that listening to this album fills you with as much joy as it has given me these past several years.

Thank you for the rebellion, and may our random encounter continue to bring us liberation.

- Brandon Strader



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Track by track so far.


Ok, so I'm a sucker for the Prelude. (Preludematsude)


Not bad (The Last March)


Blends into the background well as I work (Revival)


Wait... that's Final Fantasy VIII!? Oooooooo. (Rebel Dream)


*sees song title pop up* I do like a good song title that makes me giggle... Also win. (Leon is a Fucking Dick)


*hears "By our planets combined* Hah... :) (garLACTUS Win)


I can see myself humming along... and this getting stuck in my head. (Deuces)


And that's where I'm at now.

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I was really impatient to hear this album!  A lot of jewels in the large variety of styles. I find this album better than the precedent, for its eclecticism. Here, the album includes also a piano piece and a jazz mix. I find also the the balance between electro and metal style more succeeded


Only point, I would have prefered album have been more specific to ff2 (whose music is self-suffisant IMO), and didn't take sources from other games of the saga.


Great work from each artists ; and great tribute to master UEMATSU :)

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I am a little late to the party on this album, and it has literally been years since I have posted on these forums, but I have to say, I really enjoyed this album. "Rebirth" was awesome because I always thought that was a very unique song on the OST and I loved the way it was expanded upon in the remix. But, what really stole the show for me was "GG but ___ Solos Win," I can totally understand why some might think it's a minor copout to use elements from the FFVIII OST in an FFII album but man, the amount of love I have for this song is off the charts. It took me a while to remember what it reminded me of, which was "Smooth as Honey" from the MM9 album, both of course, involving Sir Jordanius (but don't worry Brandon, you know I <3 you too!), some things just make too much sense!


While those 2 were the big ones for me, I found the album as a whole just as good as anything I've heard in the past. The metal vibe in "Torchlit" felt very classic, almost like the Doom soundtrack/Metallica/etc and the whole speech thing in "Personification of Evil" was a great touch. Thanks as always for putting together an awesome remix album for what quite frankly, is "probably" the most boring source material FF has to offer (and again I stress that is meant as a compliment!).

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Some details can be found here, but the short end of it is that Brandon requested his music be removed from OCR due to a conflict between them. Fortunately, the album is under a different contract agreement entirely so you may still enjoy his music on there, but not individually on OCR.

It's a shame, but there isn't much we can do about it.

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This album is like a blend of half totally serious and half "it's second semester of senior year, I already got into college and I'm not going to read Pride and Prejudice" goofing off. It makes for a unique and memorable blend of music that a totally straight take on a limited old soundtrack like FF2 probably couldn't have achieved. The repeated visits to "The Rebel Army" in disc 1 makes it all feel unified.

The standout tracks to me are Rebel Dream, which uses the reference to FF8 to great effect to add to its otherworldly ambiance, and Grind My Crank, with its carnival vibe.

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