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MAGFest 2016 (Combat your Post-MAG Depression here)

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Magfest was great, I enjoyed seeing so many friends and meeting new ones, playing games, and having Nandos!

ok. i really am going this time. flights purchased, arriving Thursday night at 9 omg omgomgmggmaogfmiadkklfg24hnjfva'nva

Is it magfest yet? http://isitmagfestyet.com/

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Soooooo excited for this I booked an executive suite immediately when I found out that rooms went on sale. I was walking down 5th ave in Manhattan on my way home from work, and I busted out my laptop, tethered to get Internet and booked that shit right away! 


So in other words, I will definitely be there :D and would love for any of you to swing by and hangout/party/play video games with the crew that I am bringing.

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This seems like the best place to put this out...looking for anyone who is willing to offer up a spot on their room floor for me to roll out my sleeping bag. I bring cash in hand ( let me know PM how much you require for a space) plus I can supply snacks, pop, Red bulls, you name it I'll bring it and I'll gladly supply a picture of my driver's license or what ever ID you ask to ensure I am who I say I am. Not a drinker, not a smoker, a prospective career in the medical field prohibits me from being around illegal drugs and I am not a thief. So if the cost of a room at the palatial Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center has you down, and you're looking for a way to stay and not break the bank or you're just a rad dude and want to help out a fellow traveler, send me a PM and let me know what you would require of me and we'll go from there! Thank You for your time!

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If you missed the first episode of Season 13 of the new podcast (which aired right before MAGClassic) converted from my similarly styled FM radio show, as part of my continued support of Video Game Music and OverClocked ReMix I will be sending Beatdrop to ‪MAGFest 2016‬!!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...VinnyMac, you're a credit to the VGM community. I had to find and then put on a hat....so I could take it off to you.

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2 things: Before I commit to go


1) Are there any group rated passes available? I'll hold out a bit longer, but if anyone is holding an empty slot I've got the money


2) ok......( deep breath).....I am leaving Cleveland and heading to Baltimore you can check the route via Google maps....I can deviate slightly off the path or if you want to come to my location I'd be willing to carpool. If I commit to do this, I'll need a picture of your driver's licenses, I'm offering only transportation, but it would be cool to meet new people...( please be kind and don't murder me)  **IMPORTANT** NO DRUGS. NO THIEVERY. NO OUTSTANDING WARRANTS. (Com'on do I really need to list this stuff?) PM me with any further questions. 

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