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What shirt size are you?


What shirt size are you?  

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  1. 1. What shirt size are you?

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I'm placing the following order based on the poll:

350 black

100 Medium

100 Large

75 XL

30 Small

25 XXL

10 Babydoll

10 3XL

100 white

30 Medium

30 Large

20 XL

10 Small


5 Babydoll

50 hoodies

20 Large

20 XL

5 Medium


Hoodies were previously $30.00 and will now be $26.99

T-shirts were previously $15.00 and will now be $12.99.

Both of those figures are pre-shipping, but are pretty dern good, relatively speaking. Shipping & handling, including internationally, should be competitive with other stores.

Once the order is placed, it should take ~2 weeks to get the shirts; I need to check with eStarland, but they *should* be able to sell the shirts soon afterwards.

If the specific shirt/size combo you wanted isn't included in the order I'm placing, don't worry toooo much. After we get things worked out in terms of online sales and see how this initial batch sells, we'll likely do another order to accomodate any inaccuracies. We do have to order at least 144 at a time, otherwise the price per item goes way up, so at that point we'd probably run another poll, similar to this one.

I'll keep everyone posted - thanks for quick feedback with this poll.

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Can we sign up for a "email me when shirts are availiable" list?

Double emphasized. I want mine before they're gone, this time.

Because I'm in direct control of inventory, if and when a given size sells out, I'll do my best to restock. The only caveat to that is that I need to place orders of 144, so if a less popular size ends up being more popular than we thought, there might be a delay to wait for some other size/color combo to sell out as well. However, the delay will be nowhere near as long as what's happened in the past, I promise.

As for updates - one, I'm considering putting news items on the homepage (in addition to their being alluded to in mix writeups) and two, we're working on a mailing list for OCR as well, which could include notifications of that ilk.

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Surprise, surprise! Look what I found in my e-mail box today...


It took eight months but at least, I'm relieved that I've not lost my time (well, maybe a little) and money. I can't wait to see me wearing OCR all over myself! :D

We moved the old store out of the office, back to my basement. (A long time coming). Searched through a lot of things, and found a few money orders, so anyone who had money orders should have had their shirts ship.

Also, there were a couple of recently pending orders, that also got shipped, but the shirts have been pulled for sale, as DJP is feverioushly getting the new digs setup.

In any case, if anyone reading this says 'hey, I sent a money order too' and hasn't recieved a shirt, it is very likely the money order DID NOT make it to us. If you sent a check, it would have been voided/destroyed (if the shirt didn't ship). If you used a CC, the transaction should have been cancelled.

IF you paid via CC and know we took your money, please go ahead and e-mail store@ztnet.com and give as much information (order number, preferably, if not that, name, address, and approximate order date). We can look to confirm we took money and didn't ship, and try to get you settled. If this happens after DJP is shipping shirts, I will try to arrange with him to get you a shirt.

Regardless, any outstanding issues where you know money was actually taken, contact store@ztnet.com and we'll do our best to get you squared away.

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I don't have money or desire to purchase a shirt but in general this site has dudes in their teens on it with disposable income and the thing with dudes nowadays is small form fitting shirts to emphasize or create any sort of body definition so small is definitely the main thing to do

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Shirts have been printed; I'll be picking them up tomorrow night, dropping them off at eStarland HQ Thursday night, hopefully they'll be available this weekend, if all goes well.


I'm locking this thread as it's no longer urgent that we get size/distribution information; we'll base future restock orders on how well this initial batch sells.

Thanks for all the info; there'll be a brand new thread created when the shirts are available for sale.

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