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OCR03301 - Sonic Adventure "Red Barrage Aquarium"


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Arrangement is amaaaaaazing. Production is a bit muddy at points but the arrangement just farts all over it. Killer Studio Chops indeed. Moar.


Edit: I just realised the guitarist is Bret Garsed.




If people don't know who he is, he's the guitarist in NELSON: 


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Groovy as hell.  Really like the basslines on funky mixes, this is no exception.

On a side note.  I was directed here from Totalbiscuit's Content Patch on youtube.   One name jumped out as he read the track credits: Shane Gaalaas.  I thought, is that the same guy who played with the Japanese group B'z?  Sure enough, the link on the track page goes to his site, and it's unmistakably the same Shane Gaalaas I saw killing it on drums in the 2003 concert DVD "Typhoon No 15" over a decade ago.

I just thought that was an awesome coincidence that this guy is part of 2 things I really like.  Ok, I'm done nerding out.

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What an amazing collection of artists in one track. Once you realize who each of these guys are, you'll know that there is literally dozens and dozens of years worth of experience between each performer. But anyway, the track itself. Within the first few notes, I knew right away that this would be special. And I was not disappointed with the immediately high expectations. Even if you don't know who these guys are, you should still listen to this track. Amazing, funky, fun, and well produced. 

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Funk with a badass guitar and percussion combo? I'm in! This ReMix is executed masterfully and all performers involved should absolutely be proud of this incredible work of musical art. I kinda like the effect about 5:15 in where the music sounded kinda muted only for it to return in full blast, very interesting. Well done guys!

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