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Pokémon: Forget Ultra Sun and Moon, Core Game for Switch Announced

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"it's the same thing each time" is just a crutch that idiots lean on when they want to criticize a thing but are too stupid to recognize anything reasonable worth criticizing

There's a new Global Mission out. https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/48e2bb06-eb05-4a77-9044-6ebf157fff59 If we get 1 million island scans by the 9th, we all get 2017 Festival Coins (if

OK, working out a little thing with Liontamer for you poor bastards here that don't have access to... let's say... certain on-goings. Hope to have it running any day now!

The girl that talks about the guy who rescued her when she sprained her ankle?



The guy in question turns out to be a Machamp.  The two of them go to hang out at the beach together.  If you talk to her later, she says she was happy she got to show him off to you, but you don't get any items or anything out of it.

Next timed event after that is the guy in city hall with his pikachu, I believe, which was 12 days from the start (so seven after the girl you missed).

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Yeah, all the events have been datamined, picked apart and checked by multiple sources, so we know (SPOLERS) everything that happens (SPOILERS) in the demo.

Mainly, you get some items that you can send to your Sun and Moon games when they come out. That's it. No big reveals, no surprises, no events. Just some items.

Well, at least this demo isn't pulling that limited number of plays bullshit that all the other demos do...

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Weird little trivia for those of you in the US:

If you go to a GameStop for a Genesect card, and they tell you they don't have any yet, ask them to print up a receipt with the code " 131094 ". This is the internal GameStop system's method for generating a code when there are no cards.

Sadly, this does not work in Canada at EBGames... Guess it's back to cards for me.

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Yeah, the demo is... finicky when it comes to the clock. It was made that way so you couldn't just change the date to get to certain events immediately. After all, the demo is scheduled with the international (well, North America and Japan, really) release date.

But then all that info was extracted from the ROM and we knew about everything the demo had to offer in less than a day.

Nice try, Game Freak. But the fans know no boundaries.

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Ever wondered how we're supposed to get Magearna, the first gen 7 pokémon revealed, in Sun and Moon? Well, stop wondering. Remember that little QR Code function that was revealed months ago? It looks like it will be used to unlock Magearna and place it in your game.

Also, holy crap, only 3 and a half more days!

Also also, go check out the Genesect Code giveaway I'm doing!

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Midnight release dates and locations for Sun and moon:


Just find you country, find your state/province/whatever, and check the store's website or details.

Between the three EBGames within two miles of me, the Best Buy down the road, and the multiple Wal-Marts in each direction, I don't think I'm going to have a hard time finding a copy.

Also... anyone here pre-download the game? Which version are you getting? Any particular reason why you want the version?

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I preordered Moon from Amazon, with release-day delivery. Sitting at work on Friday and then going to my weekly appointments is going to be SO HARD.

I literally went with Moon because I thought Lunaala looked cooler...though Solgaleo seems to have the better design animation-wise now that they've put out more art and promos. Lunaala looks so flat by comparison...eh. Oh well, Bayonetta Noivern is cool too, and having the game be night during the day actually works out for me as I tend to play video games after work now.

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There is one good thing that came out of the leaks. Did you know that HMs are completely gone?

Fly, Surf and Waterfall are the only HMs that survived the change. Cut, Strength, all the other ones made over the years... gone.

Which means certain pokémon, namely Bidoof, are out of jobs and will see even less use on teams now.

Let's have a moment of silence for all our HM mules.

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So, no more field moves at all?  It's all replaced by...  whatever the thing in the demo that let you ride a taros at will was called?

I'm entirely okay with that.  Having to give up a slot or two in your party (I'm using a bibarel and a hawlucha in Y, though I'd probably have the hawlucha anyway, because LUCHADORE PARROT) wasn't a whole lot of fun, though I'll admit that smashing through walls and stuff was amusing for some reason.  I guess we'll just have to summon pokemon to do that for us on command instead of having them be part of our party now, though.  No real loss there, as far as I'm concerned.


I also preordered my copy of Sun from Amazon, so it should be waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow.  Sadly, I still haven't beaten Y yet (though I've made a lot of progress in the last week or so!), but I'm travelling for Thanksgiving next week so I'll probably finish up Y and then start right on Sun during that trip.

I suppose I should decide which starter I'm going with.  I haven't even actually looked at their evolved forms yet.  I'm leaning toward rowlet, though.  ....okay, I just looked at their evolutions.  Definitely going with rowlet.  By far the most awesome of the three, and with the greninja from the demo, I just need a fire-type starter to round out the main three.  Maybe they'll let you pick a second starter later, like in X/Y.

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