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OC ReMix officially attends MAGFest 5 festival

Jillian Aversa

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I have no idea what this is. Really.


This was hard as hell to pose right. Girls, I have a newfound respect for you. It must be quite a task keeping your nipples from falling off.


Oh boy, Dave's deleting UnMod! Moguta, Darangen, Bahamut D-Lux, pixietricks, someone I forget, and what are probably parts of Taucer and Mephisto's heads anxiously look on.


...Damn tubes are clogged.

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Benzo does something sneaky to The Prophet.


Clockwise from Taucer's shiny head, not including said head: Garian's stomach, Teknoboy, The Prophet of Mephisto, pixietricks, Zircon, Bahamut, Moguta hiding behind Bahamut, q-pa, D-Lux, three guys I don't remember, Benzo, and DjSammyG in his women's jacket.


Assrape. Hawt.


Jill teleports out of the lobby. Or my focus is screwy.

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Why, yes, Eric Dude. And here's to me actually BEING at the next MAG.


That's kind of funny you say that. See, DJ Moguta and I were convinced that you were there because it seems you have a lookalike that attended. I kept looking over at "you" until finally Chris and I got the courage to walk over and start a conversation. Man that guy probably wondered what the hell we were doing.

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Clockwise from Taucer's shiny head, not including said head: Garian's stomach, Teknoboy, The Prophet of Mephisto, pixietricks, Zircon, Bahamut, Moguta hiding behind Bahamut, q-pa, D-Lux, three guys I don't remember, Benzo, and DjSammyG in his women's jacket.

That's not Teknoboy, that's me!

Anyways, one of the coolest things about Magfest is that there are all-stars ALL OVER THE FRICKIN' PLACE! Seriously, you turn around and boom, there's housethegrate, or virt, or djpretzel, or Mustin, or tipsytricks, or freekin' tons of other big names in the community. And they are all some of the coolest and most friendly people you'll ever meet.

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I know it's not nearly as cool to you guys, but I'm posting four pics, and linking the rest. Y'all display 'em if you like.


Jeremy, SammyG, Jill, Wes and the Prophet, outside the concert area.


Don's laser. Best results through a cup of ice, a wall of glass bricks and my watch.


Sgt. Rama demos tha new Tha Sauce.


We found this funny. Just FYI, pretzel always keeps at it: he drove back home during Sunday's events in order to post a new 'Mix.


The Shael Riley Band, in its element: acoustic (D-Lux looks on).

Mustin "Mustin" Mustin accompanies on beatbox.

A little Beastie Boogie from Fukkaslut.

Shael, the Sick-nasty (left), and some ad-hoc engineering.

The OCR Panel (!!) does its thing.

The panel PowerPoints; this is always a crowd favorite. Lovable bums played one of mine too.

Wes (Bahamut) mans the presentation.

Zircon engineers the panel's "Name That Tune" comp.

pretzel and the "Tune" comp contestants: Rama, ? (I forgot... someone tell me his name!), Jake, and Joe Cam.

At the game room. How do these folks DDR so fast?

Wide shot of the game room; Don in front.

In the pool! Prophet, SammyG, Taucer, zircon, pixietricks.

Everyone then started working on a human pyramid.

I wish I managed more concert pics. This was Arm Cannon.

Powerglove tore the place apart.

The audience proceeded to do the same.

djpretzel tells us the story of UnMod's creation...

...then we all say goodbye to it.

Jill surveys the amount of inevitable outrage...

...and so does Larry and Derangen.

zircon demonstrates his deadly lobster technique. (Bring the Caption thread to Off-Topic, folks)

Back at Dave's place, Don Jiggles narrowly misses victory playing F-Zero on Gamecube.

Don succeeds eventually. Dave's DLP set is something else.

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Okay, here come my pictures! Sorry, but I'm going to have to octuple post or something like that, because I have a lot. ^_~

Group shot in the lobby! Josém Jiggles, pixietricks (in a bathingsuit...), zircon, Shael, Liontamer, Moguta, DJP, Mustin, and Ailsean.


zircon and Snappleman make suave faces.


Everybody about to butt rape Prophet of Mephisto.


Larry knows how to dance. Yep...


Virt and DJP shake hands! A monumental moment in VGM history.


Everybody claps as they look on.


A MAGFest Christmas, starring José and Mephisto.


Devon Riley and Mustin sing backup for Shael's concert.


It was awesome.


Rama with the ThaSauce panel.


Virt and DJP getting drinks together!


Mogrothir, Moguta, D-Lux, DjSammyG, and Mog's girlfriend.


Rama's DS, now worth trillions because it was signed by the Triforce.


D-Lux and Mephisto getting along a little too well. ^_~


teknoboy, Tristor Trucido, fivre, and Benzo.


fivre, pixietricks, zircon, Rama, and Xerol.


Human pyramid in the pool, featuring DjSammyG, Geoffrey Taucer, Mephisto, zircon, and pixietricks.


ZOMG, wii spelt OCR in da pool.


Moguta's flying spaghetti monster thingy.


Shael, Rama, Snappleman, zircon, and pixietricks.


Darangen's an LED alien.


Everybody gathered round to watch DJP delete unmod.


This picture speaks for itself.

(EDIT: Removed. Sorry, guys! It was all in good fun.)

Bahamut and Mephisto look on in excitement.


"Are you sure you want to delete the forum called 'UnModerated'?"




Free hugs! Taucer, D-Lux, zircon, fivre, and q-pa spread the love.


Wave Theory concert, featuring in-game footage. (Yay for Sonic!)


Taucer passed out next to his late-night McDonald's snack.


José is a greek god.


Our last meal together! ;_; Garian, Darangen, Mephisto, zircon, Bahamut, q-pa, Moguta, D-Lux, Josh, RealFolkBlues, teknoboy, Xerol, Benzo, DjSammyG, fivre, and Taucer.


Milking our last moments together.


Everyone hugs goodbye. ;_;


So that's everything! Mods, feel free to merge my posts (if that's possible).

I must reiterate what everyone else said: this was truly a MAGFest to remember. I went last year and had an awesome time, but this year was so amazing that I'm still trying to sort through all of my memories. At last, all the remixing communities came together. It no longer felt like we had to avoid each other, or that everything was divided into cliques.

I'll be perfectly honest; lately, I've been feeling like this community isn't really worth the time and effort I've been devoting to it. A lot of stuff goes on in the forums and in the various IRC chats that would never fly in real life, and this past weekend was a perfect example of that. But being amongst you guys, and seeing everyone get along across the boards is inspiring. Really, it's one of the only things that keeps me going on ocremix. So thanks for the great times!


My pics start on page 19. Just wanted to make sure you don't miss the first half!

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I made a forum account and literally posted two comments, so my presence at MAGfest was the first time I'd really become acquainted with the personalities behind the music, and pretty much every other site that had representation there. OCR was the only organization there with which I'd had any prior familiarity, apart from the site which I was representing, the Chrono Trigger Novel Project, or CTNP (www.chronotrigger.info).

I didn't really introduce myself to many people (though I did talk to DJ Pretzel and Liontamer, who seemed interested in the CTNP). To me, it seemed like such an established community already that breaking into it right then and there would have been difficult. However, I did attend the panel, and those there will probably remember me as the guy who sung Sonic 1 tunes to get an OCR T shirt. Just so you all know, I really can sing better than that. I do chorus and all that good stuff.

Funny story about that shirt, actually. Adam Poots, an Atari employee, was tasked with making a video about MAGfest and presenting it to his company. In looking for an OCR higher-up, he approached Brendan, who pointed him in my direction. Apparently, because I'd been hanging out near the OCR community and I was wearing the shirt I'd won, I looked to be an OCR higher-up, which was fairly flattering. But no, I am no OCR higher-up. At least not yet. But with all that said, I am looking to get more involved in the community. I have all the soft synths and programs I'll need, but I am lacking in knowledge, experience and a MIDI keyboard. So I'm hoping I can fix those first two fairly easily and soon.

Overall, MAGfest was awesome and I'd love to return. Hopefully next year I'll be more aware of exactly who everyone is and won't be as shy in approaching people.

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BTW...did anyone meet-up with LuIzA? I recall her saying that she was going to be there...strange that you didn't have a pic with her or anything, Pixie.

I ran into her a couple of times, including at the mall nearby.

I believe I got a picture taken with her and akumu at one point.

Awesome! Thanks, there are some great ones in there. Is it cool if I use some of those on my band's myspace? I'll say taken by "Richiter" or something to that extent. :)

I'm still a noob on these forums and therefore didn't really know anyone here well enough to recognize them by face nor username, unfortunately. Asides from snappleman, I met him and he is a very cool dude.

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Thank you kindly sir. But if you could briefly describe your physical features so I can do my best to place you. I'm sure it's only once in a blue moon that association happens this way instead of the other way around.

Look in Pixie's pics (page 19), he is wearing the "STOKED" T-shirt.

Sadly he and I only met briefly

and I was near the back in that panel so I didn't get to meet you.

I too am fairly new having been a fan since 2001 and member of the community in 2004. I don't post much, because I usually don't have anything to contribute to threads, but I'm gonna start getting more involved.

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