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OC ReMix officially attends MAGFest 5 festival

Jillian Aversa

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MAGFest 5

Thursday, January 4th - Sunday, January 7th, 2007

At the Sheraton Premiere in Vienna, Virginia

MAGFest? What the heck is that?

Why, only the best music and gaming festival this side of the USA... This year is the 5th anniversary, and it's looking bigger and better than ever. Brendan somehow managed to book an absolutely beautiful hotel for the event, the Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner, equipped with an indoor pool, jacuzzi, fitness room, and sauna. (Plus free parking!)

What is there to do?

Concerts- The musical performances are what make MAGFest so freaking awesome. There's already a great lineup of video game bands this year: The Minibosses with Jenova Project, Shawn Phase, Smash Brothers, Sprite Slowdown (Chromelodeon's video game department), Wave Theory, Concertneskimos, Parasprinter, Powerglove, Search Snake, and This Place is Haunted!

Gaming- A huge 24-hour gameroom with tournaments, as well as a 24-hour LAN room!

Costume contest- Self-explanitory. :P

Panels- This year's panel lineup will play a large role in the festival activities:

  • OCR will be giving a panel at 4:00 pm on Friday the 5th, featuring some site history, music (duh), trivia with prizes, and live performances. Immediately following will be a meetup in the lounge!
  • And, of course, there will be other panels on geeky topics featuring artists, authors, and comedians of video game culture.

How do I sign up?

You should preregister to attend MAGFest if you wanna save money, and the sooner the better! Unless you live close to the location site, I would also recommend booking your hotel room well in advance. It's cheaper (and more fun) to split with a few other people. As I understand it, all the rooms this year will have two double beds, so 4 is an ideal number for rooming groups. If you're really strapped for cash, though, and wanna squeeze in more, there's always the floor. :wink:

All that being said, I'm going to do my best to keep the following lists updated, so you can see who's coming. That should help with organizing carpools, rooming groups, and such. If you're looking for a ride or roommate and people don't respond in here, try PM. Just a couple requests:

Anyone who's driving to the event (and has room for more) should post in here with their travel info!

Let's not let the dream die for those who are transportationless. :puppyeyes:

Once you've figured out who you're rooming with, please let me know either in the thread or by PM!

Last year, it was hard to keep track of who was around from OCR because we were relatively scattered about. I know *I* don't wanna miss out on meeting any of you lovely people, so this should help.









Geoffrey Taucer





Shael Riley

José the Bronx Rican


The Prophet of Mephisto

















The Pezman

bucky o'hare


Possibly attending:



The wingless




Majin GeoDood





Rooming together:

- Geoffrey Taucer, Darangen, zircon, pixietricks

- Rama, Rama's daddy, and Rama's brobro

- Xerol, Aaron, Garian, possibly Suzumebachi (willing to add more)

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I'm probably going. Not sure who I'm rooming with yet though, probably Xerol or Garian.

I was just looking for you. I really need to know this soon.

Anyway, add us to the room list: Xerol, Aaron, Garian, and possibly Suzu. I'm all willing to squeeze a fourth/fifth if they bring a sleeping bag or something, since I'm barely able to afford going as it is, so splitting the room up an extra way will help more.

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I'm coming.

I'm probably rooming with entirely different people from OCR and noone else. Besides, the only two people I'd room with already have plans. :P

As for riding.. ugh, I dunno. My sister and her husband are a pain in the ass when it comes to making plans. I'll just say I can take one, MAYYYYYYYYYYBE two people. We've got a definite three in the carpool already. Er, two. Definite two.

In other words, rides are up in the air. I live near Raleigh/Cary/Apex/wtfh NC.

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Kitsuta, don't forget I'm taking one of those spots in that car -- or had you already factored that in?

No, I hadn't, because we don't know if we are taking you or not. You said you had a ride without us. If you came, would he have to come too? That might be too many people.

As I said, all up in the air. I don't even know if James is riding with us. I emailed him but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

Broken: Brendan's not on right now, but I'll pass on the message.

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Kit, I'll be riding with you if you have room.

It's a deal. I just got James' mail(from 8 hours ago.. curse you Gmail!) and he's not really planning on spending any time here in NC. Things should be simple in this case - we can pick him up after we arrive at the con, and drop him off at the airport before we leave. So that's definitely an extra seat in the car. Although we might have to have five people in the car at once. Eesh.

I dunno, we might end up taking two cars. That'd probably be a royal pain, though.

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ARGH. Starts right after I fly out to Japan. It would have made such a great roadtrip, too.

Oh well. NEXT YEAR. Maybe. Grrr. :x

Also, are we perhaps making this topic too early? I mean it is still two months away.

If Anime Expo taught me anything, it's that you can never plan too early for a convention.

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Yeah, the sooner you make your plans the better.


Some people have this misconception and it has prevented them from missing out on good times. Buy your plane tickets as soon as possible.

Also, I'm not 100% going, but there are a lot of people like Ailsean, X-Strike Studios, etc. Check out the forums on VGMix to find a bigger list of attendees.

Soap Box:

If you want to go but don't think you can because of money, and if you have a driver's license and a little discipline, don't miss this. Really. Go get a job at a Mom 'n' Pop restaurant or something for a month. Part Time. Save all that money and you'll have enough for a plane ticket. And then from there keep the job (because working builds character - well, for most) and get at least $100 for food on your trip (and for merchandise if you want T-Shirts, band CDs, games, etc.). So you fly out from whatever airport and land in D.C. You can call the hotel and they'll send a shuttle for free to come and get you (but always tip your driver - it's a personal service). You can always crash out on someone's floor. And as long as you don't get belligerently drunk, you're going to have a good time. Video Game Music nerds are probably the absolute coolest, low-drama, fun loving people you can rock with it. Egos are tossed out the window (except for mine because it's so freakin' big) and everyone can hang out, have a blast, and the in-joke just start blowing up like a volcano.

So don't have a "can't do" attitude. It's totally worth the experience of going and hanging out with these like-minded nerds if you want to do it in the slightest.

Nevermind the fact that you'll be seeing ten bands(or at least musical acts) that are playing live video game music.

And there's no video game music concert that has more to offer than MAGFest.

/Soap Box

Good times!

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