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OC ReMix officially attends MAGFest 5 festival

Jillian Aversa

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This was my first MAG-Fest as well! The panels were cool, the bands rocked, and everyone was awesome! I am definitely going next year. Thanks Everyone! I took a lot of pictures this weekend (especially at the concerts!)

Anyway, here are a few pics I took (with consent of the photographed) from the various meet-ups throughout the weekend:

(Note: Please forgive me if I don't remember your OCR name, I have a horrible memory, please correct any of my posts and add yourself in)

(click pics for larger images)

First OCR meet up, getting dinner and hanging out


Liontamer, Zircon, Pixietricks, Benzo, Fivre


Pixietricks, Zircon, Rama, and Xerol


DJ Pretzel surrounded by OCR peeps


José the Bronx Rican, DJP, SnappleMan, Bahamut

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Jake did walk in knowing he was in there - he asked me to introduce him since I was neutral. I told pixie to get the camera ready and then bam.

Yo, I was nervous as all hell, really didn't know what to expect at all. Sure enough, it was a great moment. Kicked off my Magfest High something fierce.

Panels were awesome, seeing you guys rock the hell out at the shows was awesome, and it was awesome to see just how down to earth everyone is, no matter how much water is under the bridge.

I'll save the ambitious community spiel for another time; I just want to say ROCK ON, and let's keep on in this good spirit. Our shared love of great music (and Killian's) is what matters.

As soon as I can get a moment, I'll put up all the details I showed in our panel. Feedback was supergreat, I'd love some more.

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Big, fat, loud, exhausting, cool, busy, relaxing, painful, fun, amazing.

Dave (pretz), Larry (Lion), Don (Jiggles) and myself made a hell of a team throughout the event. I absolutely appreciate hanging out with them, and with everyone else. I told Don that laser was bringing in the chicks! ;) Props also to the Prophet, Rama, Shael and Devon, virt, pixie, zirc, q-pa, Snapple, Joe Cam, Derangen, Mogrothir and his babe Melanie, Tauce, Must, Richter, Bah, fivre, and everyone else I forgot.

Photos will come later, in DJSammy's thread in GenDisc.

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I just got back myself (ended up going 40 miles the wrong way on the PA Turnpike icon8.gif ).

But what a rockin' time! It was my 2nd meetup and my 1st convention. The bands were hardcore, VGMix 3 is coming, "Nerds in a Pool," Dragon's Lair love, Smash Brothers 1 and 2 as was said, and just so much community <3 !

I'll post my picts asap; probably tomorrow.

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Yeah, this has easily been one of the most amazing and awesome experiences ever - there were just so many great things going on. Dave and Jake shaking hands, good music (Smash Brothers is my favorite of the performers, although others were great too with some unexpectedly solid ones like Armcannon), and overall great times.

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Since DjSammyG's thread has been turned into a redirect to this thread (hopefully not by one of the mods who told us to make another thread,) I'll commence to derail this thread with pictures. In other news, I hate the 4-image limit.


"Dale North" does something amusing to D-Lux.


Larry shoots out a stream of half-black energy and kills Jill midway through the panel as Zircon looks on in horror.


Larry refuses to give a live performance of Toyota Disco.


DJP signing Rama's DS.

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Taucer making sweet, sweet love to D-Lux's leg.


Yet more unusual attention being given to D-Lux, this time by The Prophet of Mephisto.


Pixietricks, Zircon, Rama and Xerol. Zircon has a wonderful facial expression.


MrMAGFest/P2E being groped. The joys of finding undergarments in treasure chests!

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Some random person with the same shirt as me. Yay!


Luiza and q-pa make a sort of "deer in the headlights" expression. Pardon my horrible red-eye correction on Luiza. Jose and Bahamut in background.


Steve is both stylish and compact!


Zircon makes a funny face part deux.

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Jill enjoying the frigid 70-degree weather.


Luiza, Darangen, Taucer, DjSammyG, and The Prophet of Mephisto (whose names, according to Firefox, are all mispelled) jamming.


Taucer beating Bahamut at Tetris Attack.


D-Lux massively owning Moguta, DjSammyG, and The Prophet of Mephisto in SSB as Kirby. Damn Kirby.

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