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What is your background with music?

Do you play or just listen?

If you play, then what instrument(s) do you play? What style(s) do you play?

What are you favorite types of music?

Who are your favorite artists?

So I myself will be included into my own activity. I notice two others play Bb Bass Clarinet. That's awesome. Well my backround with music entails my family history. My family has been singing for generations. At least to my great-grandfather. He was a Tenor in Barbershop. My grandmother sings as a bass in Sweet Adelines. My father didn't sing anywhere. As I have joined a Barbershop group when I was bit younger, however I am not currently singing with anybody. I both listen and play. I play almost every instrument I have come into contact with. I don't really play much in the strings department. I primarily played the Bb Bass Clarinet while in high school. Along with that, I tend to play classical music. A little jazz, but not too much. Oh yeah, I played marching music while I was in marching bands. My favorite types of music are electronic classed music and alternative classed music. Different branches in there as well; kind of like funk and whatnot. I like classical and jazz as well. Mostly from my experience with them. I love singing old songs like Mary Lou and Sittin' On Top of the World. They're a lot of fun. I guess that I really don't have any favorite artists. It all really depends on my mood. For instance I was in a sing song mood today and I was listening to acapella. Yesterday it was more of a country day. A few days before that it was rappish/hip hopish mood. It all depends really. Red Hot Chili Peppers are up around the top of the list though.

I'll post another topic in a few days. Monday of next week will be the most likely time. Laters.

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Sadly, I don't play an instrument. I'm trying to learn to play the piano, and hopefully my parents get me a MIDI keyboard for X-mas like I want them to. (That, and FLStudio or something, and I might actually try to make a remix. But for now, I got nothin'.)

The only instrument I have is my voice. I sing baritone and tenor in my high school's top choir, and hoping to make the all-state choir this year.

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Two changes real quick

ONE - "thirdmatches," "bonusmatches," whatever...now are "halfmatches" and are half the credit, half the points, etc etc etc. Seems reasonable to me.

TWO - Scoring streamlined.

4 pts/win, 2 pts/draw, 0 pts/loss.

2 pts/½win, 1 pts/½draw, 0 pts/½loss.

Tiebreakers: Games played, Wins, Draws, Strength of Results, Strength of Schedule.

EDIT: I'm not wanting to change exact dynamics, but I may end up affecting HOW things are scored. The scoring system is basically done IMO, just a matter of finding the right dynamic that I want to continue with.

Edit2: Oh screw it.

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Yahoo's messing with dama's/my head. I was playing a game with him and Firefox (new version; that might be the problem but I doubt it) crashed twice silently. After the second time I got into the channel, our table was gone and Dama was given a loss.

Our situation was this: Dama had a little over two minutes left and just his king, I had more time (not sure how much more, but more) my king and a pawn two squares away from promotion with basically nothing dama could do about it (his king was too far away). There is no way he could have won, but he COULD have gotten a stalemate out of that if I slipped up. He doesn't think that was likely, and I have to agree that I've almost never made that mistake, but it was possible and Yahoo shouldn't have just given me that win.

What do we do? Besides find a new chess site to play on.

Btw, excellent game, Dama. You had me thinking several moves ahead to figure out which pieces you were targeting. People in real life never force me to concentrate like that.

Kamoh speaking on Snerraks account:

If this is unsatisfactory, then we can talk about it later:

1) The chances of stalemate in that situation (for dama) is very difficult.

2) The chances of stalemate WHEN the advantaged player is aware that they need to avoid stalemate is nigh impossible.

3) Because of the above, Fire 1-0 dama.

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Until Kamoh changes this, my AIM contact name is actually snerraksobession. It should have been what he put, but at the time I had created it it was late and I was tired so I ended mispelling it. That's mostly for everyone else who has tried to add me and not ever seen me online. I'm on most all the time.

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Fire and I had our second game, and this time I won. It was somewhat of an interesting game, so I'm posting it here.

;Title: Yahoo! Chess Game
;White: cpt1337
;Black: damathacus
;Date: Fri Oct 27 03:18:05 GMT 2006

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. g1-f3 d7-d6
3. d2-d4 c8-g4
4. d4-d5 g8-f6
5. h2-h3 g4-h5
6. g2-g4 h5-g6
7. f1-g2 g6xe4
8. c1-g5 e4xd5
9. f3-h4 d5xg2
10. h4xg2 f8-e7
11. g5xf6 e7xf6
12. d1-d5 c7-c6
13. d5-b3 b7-b6
14. c2-c4 o-o
15. f2-f4 d6-d5
16. c4xd5 c6xd5
17. o-o e5-e4
18. g4-g5 f6-d4+
19. g2-e3 f8-e8
20. g1-g2 d4xe3
21. b3xe3 d5-d4
22. e3-b3 e4-e3
23. f1-e1 e3-e2
24. b1-d2 e8-e3
25. b3-c4 d8-d7
26. e1-h1 b8-c6
27. b2-b4 a8-c8
28. a1-c1 c6-e7
29. c4-a6 c8xc1
30. h1xc1 e2-e1
31. c1xe1 d7xh3+
32. g2-f2 h3-g3+
33. f2-f1 e3xe1++

It seems like everyone's improving. I really haven't played Fire much since the early days but I think he's gotten much better. I think I have a tendency to think of the other players as boss fights in a video game. I learn their patterns and get better at the game, but I find myself surprised when other players improve as well. But it's good that we're all pushing and learning from each other.

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