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All Time Hardest Boss

The Coop

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i got another one, the boss and\or entire game of Zombies Ate My Neighbors on the snes.

47 levels......3 lives......no continues........passwords start u on that level with a damn water gun! 8O

the final boss would take over an hour to beat with game genie cheats,

even if u can beat him, u then have to win the ending!, u have to fight ur way through a insanely difficult lvl to see the ending credits

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I think one of the hardest bosses was mizar on Jet Force Gemini, the second time you fought him. You don't even know if you're doing the right thing until about twenty minutes of doing it gets you through the first part of the battle. Thank god the rest was pretty easy.

Another one was Grandia Xtreme's final boss, and it's not cause of his abilities, well, not entirely. The game was so amazingly unbalanced that by that time, I had gotten used to relying on one character for all my hits (play it and you'll know who), and the game is ridiculously easy, right up until him. Not to mention there are four or five floors of monsters you can't skip, who conviniently soften you up for him. Not to mention he has about seven other things to hit at the time, which are all hitting you. Not to mention he has the most irritable (half because it doesn't fit him at all) voice. Not to mention Kroitz. Goddamn Kroitz! He's not in the final battle, but jesus christ, I hate him anyway.

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CT, Spekkio, lv. 99

Whooped my butt everytime! although it's not really a boss, it's still tough.

Also, Seymour from ff10 when he has that stupid lance of atropy.

it's always great to beat those tuffies so you can stand there going, "OH YEAH! Who's yo' daddy now, be-yotch!?" ... or was that just me?

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the hardest boss ever is definately the final boss of Gradius for NES.

Goldeneye 007 (N64): Beat the train on 00 Agent with the enemy rockets cheat on, but no other cheats. That's so cruel, it's not even funny.

...I'm not sure if I said this one yet (thread's been around too long, and there was another one before it), but the DragonLord from Dragon Quest (DragonWarrior) is very hard to beat. And can anyone beat Sephiroth on Kingdom Hearts??? His health doesn't even go down when I fight him (maybe I should gain 30 levels and try again, like in FF7).

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Indalecio with the limiter taken off.

He now has 1,500,000 hp.

He casts meteor swarm on you twice in 5 seconds.

Your entire party takes 7000 damage each, both times.

Have a nice day :D

-Side note: Hey ECMguy, are you the Eric Myloneas of Gamefan fame? If so, props to you :P

I still beat that bitches ass! Keep doing mirror slice and keep up in the air and he wont call upon his little angel bitch until he touches the ground again. Plus get some bunny shoes and you move as fast as him! Damn that game was great :D heheh But still he was a bitch even with proper leveling

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Well, I found new friend today. His name is Igniz... and he's the final boss in King of Fighters 2001 on the Dreamcast. In case you haven't guessed, I'm being sarcastic :wink:

This guy, is SO fucking unfair. He has no striker characters, as he doesn't need one. He has a special move that uses his cape like a slicer and takes about a third of your health bar off. He also has a Super Move that once used, is nearly guaranteed to hurt you... as even if you block it, another character is summoned up to hit you while you're blocking, which then enables the Super Move to start hitting you. Unfair to be sure.

He also has a Lion he can summon up to attack you, normal attacks that do much damage, and in general... the guy's a pain in the ass.

And I thought Rugal was a bitch...

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the hardest boss ive ever faced was the one in secret of evermore

who the hell knows what his name is

doesn't really matter

he has three forms

wait no, FOUR

first there is kindo of a defense system for him that you have to beat (easy)

then he makes enemies that are really hard to kill, do a lot of damage, luckily easy to dodge (moderate)

here is the part i really got stuck on

he sends a boss youve already beat and has thousands of more hp with harsh attacks that some are immpossible to dodge (hard)

then if that's not enough, somehow he sends a kickass machine after you that can kill you in two shots (with full health) which is kind of easy to dodge, all you have to do is go to his side, but if you touch him, that even hurts you a lot (wicked)

why the hell do they have that rule

it would be different if you were touching a knife

it really pisses me off :evil:

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Rugal IS a bitch. You're just thinking only Rugal.

In Capcom VS SNK 2, he absorbs Akuma's powers if you get a high enough Groove Point average, I'm guessin'. My best attack did about a fifth of his bar. One of his normal attacks did that much. Ult. Rugal took me 27 tries on normal. I'm dying to see how hard the s.o.b. is on the higest difficulty.

And the Evermore boss wasn't that hard for me. Bazooka does wonders. And so does one certain spell, energize I think it's called. Keeps your attack at full. Useful for your pooch who can blast his metal can for some pretty big damage.

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8O Dang after 40 pages"whew'' I can finally post( yes I'm that dumb).

I used to think Castlevania 1 Drac was tough then I figured out how to

beat it the easy way ater all these years of doing it the hard stupid way.

By accident( yep, no brain power involved :oops: ) I used holy water

on his second form. Didn't have to hit him in the head only anymore.

Also see this technique at Gamefaqs too. Geez, I never thought anything

there could help me make it easier since I beat it a decade ago but there

you go :oops:

Also used to think the Velius boss was hard too but someone suggested

using demi on him. Not hard anymore.

Still, if you can't beat them, cheat them. :wink:8)

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Bangai-O for the dreamcast, Final Boss.

First of all, the last level is long and difficult. It probably took me 5 tries just to get to the last boss.

Then when you fight him, you probably last 10 seconds at the longest.

If you use a bomb at the wrong time, he counter-bombs you, and you die instanty.

Then when you get him down to about 10% health, he goes invulnerable. You can't hurt him for 15 seconds, and if he gets near you, you instantly die.

If you live long enough, his invulnerability wears off, and you can try to take off his last 10% health. Again, bomb at the wrong time, and you are still instantly dead.

Another tough one: Super Metroid. In the intro, the first time you fight Ridley, keep shooting him until he runs away, without getting hurt down to 30 life or less.

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Alright... now this is REALLY annoying. Criosphinx this and Criosphinx that. ARE YOU BLIND??? DO YOU NOT SEE THE YELLOW DOT THAT SIGNIFIES (surprise surprise) INNATE YELLOW!!!!

Sorry 'bout that. But for future reference, just equip the Yellow Plate armor and make one of your chararcter totally invulnerable to the Criosphinx's every attack. It helps.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

when you have to kill nemesis in the trash compactor with the 10 minuite timer without using the acid spouts using only the combat knife. damn that was hard; i ran out of time like a dozen times before i killed him. And before that i thought the big spider in the original re without getting poisoned was hard (again, with only the knife).


go through the final dungeon and kill jenova and sephtroth with no materia equipped at level 54-58. i used so many goddamed megalixers for hp, but i never game overed.

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Hrm, Kerafyrm from Eq comes to mind.....

Ok, ok, no impossible bosses :wink: .

I remember that Egg Viper from Sonic Adventure took me about half a week to beat. He always caught me off guard when I got to a new section of his technique. And then, after you kill him, he pulls one last trick on you that SO pissed me off. I mean, come on.... I'd spent several days of free time working on killing him and I see him spiralling downwards with flames spurting out of him. What did you think I'd do? Drop the controller and do a dance around the room, naturally! What?!?! But... but... but....... You're dead! You're not ALLOWED to do a kamikaze attack on me! Noooooo.....

But anyways. I've heard that Sephiroth is one tough cookie in Kingdom Hearts, too. Hrm, too bad I haven't found him yet. I suppose I should look into that.....

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Hey all.

Anyone here have the game Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm? Yeah, it's not the best game in the world, but it is pretty fun... until you get to the BIG dragon at the end.

I can't remember that last time I watched my life bar go down like that. While the dragon is cool looking, and it doesn't have a lot of different attacks, the ones it does have do enough damage to make up for that fact. Long range fire, short range bites... OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH the fun. Granted, beating the thing gives you a nifty real time cinema, but...

Definitely a nasty boss...

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